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    Ok, I have had some nice lawns until recently. The Crabgrass is just starting to pop as well as clover. I did them all with preemergent now we had aton of rain the last few weeks here in the eastcoast (not sure if it could of washed out)? I am thinking of hitting these lawns with drive. Also noticed some of the lawns look weak even with irragation including my own? I have never had to do this before, am I on the right track?
    Thanks all!
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    Lots of water means lots of leaching. Water soluable N is gone, even the slow release is gone quickly in the case of lots of water. Pre-m would be the same.
    I have seen the weeds come up in places that have been pre-m'd for years, this time, because of the excessive water; and yes they all looked pale because the N was likely washed away or the ground was suffocating.

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    Thanks Smallaxe! Sounds like what went on. Now I need a fix, but still not sure what to do? Should I use the drive, aerate? Need some advice on this one.
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    whatever you do dont aerate it, that would only enhance the crabgrass because then you are truly breaking down whatever barrier their is. To rid of crabgrass your going to have to use some kind of granular or liquid herbicide. Do you know at what tiller stage the crabgrass plants are at? The more tillers the harder it is going to be to kill it off. here on the golf course we use acclaim, when the crbgrass is at the 4 tiller stage or less. The other option is to just manually pull it out, if its not widespread. The start the process over again.
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    use Drive. Add a good surfactant or methylated soybean oil. Do it now before crabgrass gets any bigger.

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    Thanks again all!!!:drinkup:
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    All so try Speed Zone Q-4 it works great at killing crabgrass and most broad leaf weeds.

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