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Discussion in 'Network: Central' started by BPC, Oct 30, 2008.

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    My wife is being relocated to the St. Paul area of Minnesota. We currently live in Florida were I have been doing irrigation/landscape lighting for the last 10 years. I am a licensed contractor, IA Certified Contractor, EPA WaterSense partner, Florida Water Star Certified, Acclima Certified installer, the list goes on but that just gives you an idea of how much time I have invested in this industry. Now I find myself having to move to an area where I have very few if any contacts in the business if any and where we have a limited season. I also know there are some differences in the industry how things are done there since I had to go over some of that for my IA certification.

    So guys be honest with me how in trouble am I with this move?
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    I am in need of someone that does irrigation. I cut grass, clean ups, and push snow. I am trying hard to get into water features. I know quite a few LCO's in town to use as contacts. I also am in business networking group that meets weekly to pass and give referrals. I was always getting people asking about trimming trees, I don't do that, but know I take on that type of work, but then sub it out to tree cutter I met. My point is there is always a demand for good service guys, no matter where you live. I would more than happy to talk with you.
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    You won't have a problem up here at all. You'll have to get used to seasons. Irrigation season goes from April to Halloween basically. I can help you get all the information you need, just ask. 15 years ago, I tried to sell water audits to commercial clients, but it never took, now, the clients are at least talking about it.

    We did lose out to the plumbers unions up here awhile ago, so you need a licensed plumber to put in backflows, and we lost a legislative battle with the electricians for low voltage wiring. They gave us a one year window to get low voltage certified, but that window is closed.
    For about 10 years now, we've generally needed to pay overtime for irrigation techs because they haven't really been able to keep up.
    If you're doing commercial call me, we don't do much of our own irrigation work, with my present company but I love the industry, I'll help you get setup.
    If you're doing residential, I can't help you. I got out of that business a long time ago.


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