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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mathproshs, Jun 4, 2004.

  1. mathproshs

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    I have been throwing this around for the past couple of days and I really need some advice.

    Here is the situation.

    I have a Cub Cadet 1548 commercial mower. This year I have increased the number of lawns from 5 to 16. I have been working really hard to get into an upscale area where I live and have 2 lawns there already. They are about 3/4 of an acre. The rest of my clients also live in very nice neighborhoods and have anywhere between 1/2 to 1 acre lots. I will be placing door hangers and working the rest of this neighborhood this weekend. The two clients are really happy with their lawns and they have agreed to let me use them as referals.

    Well I teach full time and am working really hard to make this a full time venture. I have two torn miniscus's on both knee's, dt a slip and fall on the school property this year, which will require surgery. I am trying to put off the surgery. I have tried a sulky but I also have gout of the big toe. I do not want to give up my clients and the mowing right now is not only taking a large part of the week, but the pain in my knees is causing quite a bit of havoc.

    I am thinking about going to a ztr...and am looking at the Cub M48 with a 19 horse Saki. The dealer is willing to take my mower on trade and give me $2500 for it. Mtd is currently running a promo for 3 years with 0% which also requires some initial down payment of around $400 to get into the program, which the dealer is agreeing to eat the cost.

    Should I get the 48...I would like the 54 but just cannot afford it. Your advice will be carefully listened to.
  2. chevyman1

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    No, No No...stay away from the Cub....if you are going zero turn., you have a home field advantage out there. Ferris is made up by Cortland and they have 0% for 36 months right Central NY Power Equipment is a Dixie Chopper dealer and those guys rule, you can call there as well
  3. Turf Technologies

    Turf Technologies LawnSite Senior Member
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    What wrong with Cub, he uses one allready therefore he must be happy with it.
  4. kc2006

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    I'm looking into lesco's right now but they aren't being to helpful with financing so I'm going to check out the local cub dealer today. Cub's are a little more then lesco's even though they're the same thing but with cubs you get a dealer with an actaul mechanic lesco's don't offer mechanics. If your happy with the one you have now go for it.
  5. Blessed 1

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    Dealer support-trade in-0% for 3 years.........this is a no brainer to me. Get the 48 now. If needed, a 54 will come later!
  6. lawnworker

    lawnworker LawnSite Senior Member
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    So, you are going to give up the teaching and go full time? I would think long in hard about that. This business is very demanding. Having said that, the 52 would be the best choice for the size yards you have described. A z rider are walkbehind would due well.
  7. mathproshs

    mathproshs LawnSite Member
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    No I will not be leaving my teaching position to do this full time....although sometimes I have to wonder with my kids. ;) ;) ;) :dizzy: :dizzy:

    No they are really not that bad.

    I am looking at both the M48 and M54. I have been very happy with the stripes way nice, just my knees can't handle the walking anymore. Not only that, but since I have to so slowly, the lawns are taking me forever.

    Furthermore, I have the backing of my wife to do this so that helps...especially since she sees the extra money that I am bringing in.

    I would like more lawns so that I may eventually pick up a truck. I am waiting for the new Honda SUT to come out.
  8. lawnworker

    lawnworker LawnSite Senior Member
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    Mathproshs, It sounds like you are leaning toward buying a Z rider. I know nothing about Cub Cadet mowers. I have used eXmark Walk behinds for years. Their Lazer Hp rider is probably an excellent choice for medium to larger residential.

    Good luck with your business. It will help supplement your teaching income well.

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