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Hello all,

I'm a personal home owner and have a difficult situation. You all are the experts so I'd like to get some of your thoughts..

Live in Raleigh, NC

Bought a new house and the entire landscaping has been let go for about 10 years. I've taken down about 15 trees and had the stumps grinded. Now working on the right approach for the lawn.

The total lawn area is 4000 sq ft in front and back. Of the 4000 sq ft, 2/3 is existing lawn with a mixture of grasses, crab grass, rag weed, clover, and many other weeds. The other 1/3 was previously natural area which will need some top soil and grading.

Have an irrigation system and planning to put down fescue in the backyard. Still thinking about the front, since it get 80% full sun, thoughts?

So how would you tackle such a job? Thanks for the advice!

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