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Need some advice on Dimension

CRM Lawncare

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North Carolina
I'm basically a mow and blow operation right now and I am looking to get licensed and move into pesticide applications. I'm going to experiment on my own yard with Dimension. I have previousely used the scots crabgrass preventer. The local company I'm going to buy from has 16-4-8, 22-0-6, 5-5-20 blends. I will be appling on a rye/tall fescue mix with a moderate amount of crabgrass. Which blend is best suited for this type of grass mix.




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As far as your nutrients go, that up to you. There is not one program that someone would not raise an eyebrow on. If we could all do soil test and treat individual properties based on the S.T. results that would be great. Unfortunately that happens very infrequently.

When dealing with active ingredients, make sure you get the proper amount of Active Ingredient per acre on the ground.

My question to you is, How much active is in the bag? and what amount of Dimension do you want on the ground.


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I will be appling on a rye/tall fescue mix with a moderate amount of crabgrass.
Dimension won't kill exsisting Crabgrass. Only tiny sprouts that have just emerged.

J Hisch

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Evansville IN
Crabgrass is dead now, but will emerge again apply in the spring aroung April 1-20th for best results. 16-4-8