Need.some advice on my ZTR a Husqvarna Pz5426

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I am in just looking for some advice on my 0 turn right on mower. It's a Husqvarna 2010 PZ5426 retail $10,899.. Percent in just happen to my callus saki 24 and a 1/2 horsepower engine ultimately in his new engine. Is a great machine wonderful die be 1200 hours on it the body is in great shape belts great shape Aires is I'm really really great shape. I also have a Thatcher that's a hydraulic attach or that attaches the front fom The D THATCHER is the name of the attachment w pto. Works great. Now the big question is it worth it to me to spend 2500 follar plus to put on the new engine, and my lawns now really only need walk behinds i have a new bobcat 36 inch and was thinking of possibly taking rider out for now do not fix and buy another 48 to 52 walk behind. To be a 100% honest with you right now it actually hurts thinking of letting that mower go for parts or whatever, it was and is more is a great machine it does so much for me the ride on but what walk behinds cut so much better and my ones are just so small now but things will change they always do in all need that right or so what do I do fix it it's funds are little tight that is why i am split any other time then now wouldn't even be a question . I would definitely fix the machine and continue on . So the ULTIMATE QUESTION IS

FIX or
Buy 48 walk behind.

Your answers will help me out big time thanks

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