Need some advice on selling my landscape business.


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Ambler, PA
I suspect your best bet may be a bigger competitor looking to buy market share. If you’re looking to sell a turnkey business, you’re competing against pretty much every fast-casual restaurant chain under the sun. I also suspect that most of the people looking to buy a turnkey business aren’t interested in the hard physical work of landscaping.

Look at how the trash business has gone in the last few decades. Waste Management and Republic Services have been snapping up every small trash hauler they can, and they’re really just buying market share and not interested in a bunch of 25-year-old rustbucket trucks. A good percentage of customers will just pay the bill every month and not change providers if the service keeps getting done and nothing goes wrong.

I suggest cold-calling some larger competitors in your area and seeing if they’re interested. It’s possible they might even just want to buy your accounts and not your equipment, which you could always sell separately. Sometimes a company wants to acquire another company’s customers and brands, but doesn’t want their plant or equipment.

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