need some advice please !!!!!

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by yardmanlee, Jan 21, 2006.

  1. yardmanlee

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    I have a customer that the last ice storm we had I used quad release to help
    melt the ice on his concrete drive, put down according to manufactor's
    specs about 3 lbs. per 500 sq. ft, now since we have had very warm unseasonal weather the drive is starting to crumble very badly. The landscape
    supply saleman whom I bought the stuff from said this was caused by the
    rapid thawing and freezing of the ice at the time of application if so then why is still coming apart ? and what other advise could ya'll offer me ?
    This a very good customer and has gotten me plenty of jobs over the yrs.
    he is not blaming me, but is not satisfied at all !!!!! need some help !!!!

  2. rscritch

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    how old was the concrete? we did a driveway 3 years ago and the first winter the guy covered it in salt, sure enough later that spring it started doing the same thing that your talking about, resurfaceing is what we ended up doing, i know thats not what you wanted to hear, oh in our area theres a company that has a spray on granite coating, and they could add texture, ive been told it works great on chipping concrete, no personal experience with it though, but it is pricey like $7 a sw ft, but it makes it look like stamped concrete, hope this helps
  3. yardmanlee

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    The drive is as about as old as the house I believe at 20 yrs. plus, how does that granite coating hold up? he has a very large motor home that he parks
    but that area is not effected but it will be traveling over the other part from time to time.

  4. start2finish

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    $7 a foot. you can tear-out and re pour for that. $3.00/foot broom finished concrete and $2/foot tear-out. I'm sure this may be regional though. Concrete is $92.00 cubic yard here. $1.14 a foot for labor the grade is already there from the old drive.

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