need some advice to bring back a lawn organically

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by j9sheldon, May 27, 2004.

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    I live in the Austin, TX and my lawn needs some help. It is mixed with Bermuda and St. Augustine, full sun to shade respectively. It looks ok, but I want to bring it up to a really good looking lawn. I am not looking to replace either grass, a mix is fine with me. My thoughts were the following and I wanted your opinion on my procedure.

    1. aerate
    2. overseed with bermuda in the sunny areas
    3. water
    4. apply 1/2" of compost over entire lawn
    5. water in compost
    6. summer time apply lady bug 8-2-4( this is an organic product line), then fall, then winter etc.

    Questions is this ok, will overseeding with bermuda then compost on top stop germination?
    Should I only apply compost once a year, 3-4 times a year with lady bug 8-2-4?
    Should I seed then aerate?

    Any help I would appreciate.

    Thanks abunch
  2. get a soil test first!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. bioman

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    Like Tim said get a soil sample first We have a represenative in Houston, he can reached at 281-542-7200 (office), or 713-213-0860 (cell). His name is Charles, and he would be than happy to help you any way he can. You can also call me if you would like.


  4. Garden Panzer

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    I don't bother with soil tests. Your area will have a general road map as to what's going on. Grass seed may not want to germinate in the hotter months though be careful!
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    A soil test would be extremely beneficial. Two lawns side by side may not have the same deficienies.

    That having been said, I wouldn't apply compost more than once per year - not that it would be a problem, I just don't believe it would be that beneficial. And I believe I would put the seed on top of the compost, not below it. Till the compost in with the top 6 inches of soil if you can, for best results. Otherwise the grass seed may go down through the compost, hit the soil beneath, and then spread through the compost rather than going on down into the soil - the compost is much more favorable for the roots to grow in then the hard clay soil. Other than that, sounds like a good plan to me.

    Good luck!

  6. Seldom are two lawns treated the same!!!

    Every property we treat should have a soil test every 2-3 years!!

    GET A SOIL TEST FIRST! look at base saturations!
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    I live in Austin and listen to the Saturday garden show on 590 starting at 8:00. Two other things they suggest is composte(sp) tea and Medina. I am slowly being converted to organic...I have been experimenting on my own lawn and hope to offer the serivce to our lawn customers next year.

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