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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by CleanCuts101, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. CleanCuts101

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    Hi guys im still fairly new to lawnsite but so far its been very helpful and people know there stuff im in need of some advice on fertilizer and seeding im a newbie when it comes to that but its definitely something I want to get into I would just like to know whats a good basic type of fert. and seed to use I service mostly residential homes, how to price, and best times of year to do this any advice would be
    appreciated thank you. !
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  2. wegomow

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    Do you have your applicators license yet. If not that should be the first place to start.
    This might not give you a direct answer to your questions but, choosing a fertilizer depends on the turf you apply it to, the seed you chose depends on type of grass best suited to you area and conditions.
  3. Smallaxe

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    If you're doing cool-season grasses like KBG, then you might want to fertilize after your second mowing... if you need to sow seed in the Spring , do that as soon as you see bare ground during the Winter... You can put down something like Milorganite for the hot Summer months, because it won't burn or overstimulate your grasses during the time that they are in 'survival mode'...

    Then as summer ends start up the fertilizer again and time it to be all used up before the ground freezes... you might apply fert twice after Summer if there's enough rain...
    Overseediing can start at this time also, and may continue right up to dormant seeding and the first big snowfall...

    I like to spray the weeds and that can be done onlywhen they are actively growing, of course,,, so Spring and Fall are actually best for post-emergent, and I never use pre-emergent on turf...

    Where are you in IL??? I don't know if your state has a transition zone or not...
  4. CleanCuts101

    CleanCuts101 LawnSite Member
    from il
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    Im from the chicago suburbs but thank you for the info
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  5. mikesturf

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    I'm in the NW Suburbs (Schaumburg). Exactly what suburb are you in?

    As the others said, if you apply ANY weed killer, pesticide, etc. you need a license.
    Here is the website for more info:
    Very inexpensive to take the training classes and tests (2 full days-$40 total).

    It is extremely helpful to use the "Search" function on this site. The questions you asked have been discussed quite a bit. Don't believe everything you read on this site, once in a while you may get some bad info, but 90% is usually accurate. Also you are dealing with cool season grasses. The people from lower Illinois and south have very different growing conditions and different grasses.
  6. Smallaxe

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    Impressing clients with new fresh grass that fills in, to become a lush full lawn, is a great way to impress clients, as a newbie or an ol' timer...
    We have summertime visitors from the suburbs of Chicago quite often... they seem to require the best lawn in the "Rustic Northwoods"... :)

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