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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by zd21man, Feb 17, 2005.

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    i need some advice on softball feild .the field has bermuda grass and is overseeded with rye.i understand that bermuda dont start growing until may or june.but the rye starting to turn green .if i fertilize the rye will it hurt the bermuda. thanks and yes i do have my pesticide license.
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    You can get good results by using a quick-release form of N on the ryegrass. Ammonium Sulfate works very well this time of year on rye. It leaches quickly in most cases, so you would apply it about every month.

    It won't trigger Bermuda growth unless the soil temps are warm enough (55 degrees for example). That part will have to be determined by you, since we don't know what your local climate is like. You do want to avoid putting N down too early in the greenup period, as late frosts do happen.

    Your last feeding the rye should stop about 1 month before the Bermuda comes out of dormancy. Use your best guess on exactly when that is. Starving the rye is a good thing during that time, because you want to transition it out. When the Bermuda is greater than 50% green, agressive mowing and more N should help it take over.

    Good cultural transitions can be achieved with these practices, but the easiest way is to spray out the rye with Revolver, Transit, etc.
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    Thanks turf, This heips alot. Thanks again

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