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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by whiffyspark, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Unless I'm being hyper-specific about a promo offer, such as a mulch installation special, friends & family promo, or one month free with a prepaid season, I do not go with overly specific landing pages. I've never found them to convert any better or worse than a well-designed content page that features highlighted info or pull quotes re: the specific ad that got them to the page. If your ad relates to mowing, have it go to a well-designed mowing page and have a nicely designed, engaging, and simple form placed within the best sight line for the page. Often, that's going to be below your main navigation, right side of the page.

    Looking at your latest iteration, I think you're going a bit too literal with the idea of a landing page. You're not trying to give someone a free chapter to you latest "get rich" E-Book, hoping they'll buy the rest from you, you're pitching them on a home service.

    If you have a piece of engaging marketing driving visitors to an even more engaging page, you will convert. The initial marketing piece, whether it be the least engaging (Adwords Ad), more engaging (newspaper ad), most engaging (4 color mailing), can always be eclipsed by the second component, that being your web site. We're currently killing it with direct mail and organic search results, all driving people to well-crafted sites. The contact form gets a lot of use. There is a lot of experience behind this, but the basic principals and examples are out there to reverse-engineer. No need to reinvent the wheel, but you need to storyboard a solid plan rather than throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. You'll be much better for it if you step back a bit and really come up with a plan.
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    You have a ton of impressions with little clicks, are you running display ads with desktop & mobile? If so you should keep display advertising separate from desktop & mobile. Also I've never had luck with coupons. You might try an ad that focuses on service quality or dependability. Another option would be to track sending them to a page with no prices. Make them call or email for a price quote. How many keywords are you using per ad group?

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