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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by dgreen67, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. dgreen67

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    I want to install a paver walkway that is approximately 39" wide by 25' long. Different people keep telling me different things about how thick the base should be, so I thought that I would ask guys who do this for a living. Should my base be 2" thick or 4-6" thick? I hear different opinions. Plus, if I was going to hire a hardscaper to install this walkway, what kind of price do you think I would be looking at (in the ballpark of course)? I live in the Tidewater area of Virginia.

    thanks for any input
  2. dgreen67

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    By the way, the pavers are the ones that look like a keyhole, and I want the walkway to be simple and straight.

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    google 'ICPI''re looking at 4"+ base here.

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    4" base. compacted in two lifts of 2". if it is your own yard, i encourage you to do it yourself. It is hard to mess up a walk way given how easy it is to screed and the small area will be less likely to settle. Best case scenario, you have a great looking walkway, since of self pride and a new skill. worst case scenario you have to call in a pro, but you still have an appreciation for how much work it really takes to get it right. best of luck.
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    I can almost promise you that the walkway will be more work than you think (to install it correctly).
    If the soil is stable I would recomend 6" of base, compacted in 2" lifts with the style plate compactor you will likely be renting (probabbly a wacker 1550).
    I would recomend hiring a pro, but on such a small job you will likely be paying atleast 1000.00-1500.00 for a day of labor for any decent company(plus materials of course).
    Good Luck

    If anyone recomends less than 4" for base, I assure you, its bad advice.

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