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    I just bought a new 07 Hustler Z 60" a few weeks ago. I am having some issues with the mower and now need to figure out what my options may be. The first day that the mower was delivered, I tried to mow the yard and the mower wouldn't continue running...the engine kept revving high and low then it would just shut off completely. This continued every time I tried to turn it on. So I called the dealer back and they had the driver return to pick it up. When he got here to retrieve it, he couldn't get it started so he pushed it back onto the truck and carted it off. The dealer called me back later and said that the problem had been fixed and it was delivered back to me again.
    I have mowed my yard 3 times since getting it back and it cuts great, but the engine still revs high and low when idling and when I cut on my slight incline the mower coughs and sputters. Is this a normal thing, with the sputtering and the revving issues? Then yesterday, I was trying to get another piece of equipment out of the garage and had to move that Hustler to get to it. I turned it on, moved it about 5 feet forward then shut it off. After I moved the other equipment out of the garage, I noticed that there was ALOT of gasoline pouring out of the rear of my Hustler onto my garage floor. To the point where I had to put a bucket under it.
    The question I am asking here is....are all of these issues normal? I wouldn't think they are.....although I am completely new to these types of mowers and this is used for my residential property only. I think that if I paid that much for a mower that it should work flawlessly for quite a while before I needed to take it back to the dealer. I haven't had this a month yet and this will be the second time that it has to go back.
    I apologize if this sounds accusatory, as I do not intend it to be. I'm just a bit frustrated at this point and am considering returning the mower and going with something that may be easier to deal with. So, ultimately I am wondering what my options are at this point. Thanks again for your time and assistance.
    Jerry M
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    Ok, this is late in the day here Monday, I am sure you talked to your dealer already, but if you haven't please do, this is something that we will take care of immediately.
    It sounds like there is a carburetor issue here.
    If you have any problems please e-mail me ASAP and I will get this taken care of quickly.


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