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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by qzilla, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. qzilla

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    Ok first this is going on the 272C with the XPS high flow hydraulics. I know I don't need High Flow for some of this stuff and that is fine.

    First, we are looking at tree shears. We will be doing a combination of overhad limbs and actual tree shearing. I would say a 50/50 mix. Because of this a rotating shear is important to us. This is not for business use but, I don't want to buy a junker.

    We are looking at these:
    Dymax 14" rotating shear
    Houle 15" rotating shear
    Timberline Commercial 14" Shear

    The Dymax appears to be the best quality but, it is TWICE as much! I also talked to several people that have shears and they say the double bladed shears are more maintenance and the blade when getting dull do not shear as well. So far I talked to 3 owners of the Houle and they love it and have nothing but praise!

    Do you guys have any experience?

    Second is a Brush Grapple. WE will be chopping and cutting brush and trees and need a way to move them. I really felt like we could get away with any of them and be fine. I am going to go with a narrow grapple because we will be in and out of a lot of tight spots.

    Houle Grapple:



    They are all similar in price! Does it really matter for picking brush up?

    Lastly is the brush cutter or shredder.

    We thought we were 100% for the US Mower but, we came across another HD cutter.

    Any advise is appreciated on these!

    They both look similar, smell similar and act similar! I like the idea of the wider 70" cut on the second one. I also like the idea of 4 blades but, I cannot find any other info on them??

    The US Mower seems to be stout as well?

    WE also looked at the Davco and it looks awesome but they only rate it for 4" stuff???

    Help me where you can, I have money burning a hole in my pocket!
  2. Scag48

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    Get the SkidSteerSolutions grapple, we have the biggest one they make, I believe it's 85" or something like that. It's the best grapple that I've seen and I have 60-70 hours worth of clearing hours with the grapple on a Cat 277B, works pretty well. I bet my dad would sell his to you, but getting it to TX would be a bit of a challenge, we don't ship large items on a daily basis like SSS does so I wouldn't even know where to start for shipping.
  3. ksss

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    Do you plan on only using the grapple for the light trees? I had several HD clearing jobs last year lined up. I pondered the brush grapple but wanted to use it for rock or demo and those grapples are too light duty for any hard use under high hp. I went this route

    As far as the other attachments I don't have any first knowledge.
  4. qzilla

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    from TX
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    Ok, I got the Virning grapple, Houle Shear and then we ended up with a slightly different brush cutter after talking to the engineer at Bushmaster. For what we want we went with a different blade style that is more for brush and less for trees.

    Should have everything up and running next Thursday and I will post some pictures!
  5. Construct'O

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    Good luck with your new equipment and your new adventure(job) ! Don't drop any trees on your machine and check for scratches after your first day on the job.

    Reason for that :confused:

    After you get the first one or two scratches everything will be broke in:rolleyes: Then you can really get to work!!!!!!!!!!:weightlifter:

    Have fun and be careful:usflag:

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