Need some chainsaw help.

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Vikings, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Vikings

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    I have my brother in laws Poulan 34c 16" chainsaw.

    I borrowed, broke it (the pulling sproket) bought a brand new Husquavarna to finish cutting down my tree. I waited 7 weeks for this sproket to come in.

    Anyway got the Poulan working but it cuts out and dies, I have to keep gunning it. I may have adjusted the idle by accident when taking it apart:hammerhead:

    So I read up on low and high idle but I don't think.. in fact I couldn't have touched those adjustments, they are very deep. But the over all idle or what ever it is, just above the primer looks just like a normal screw with a spring on it.

    So I started the chain saw again and it was running fast on its own. It wouldn't slow down, the chain was constantly moving. So while it was running I was trying to set the idle lower but I couldn't feel the screw and ended up unscrewing it completely. It fell inside the machine and the machine died right at that moment.

    Took it apart again, I got that Idle screw with the spring on it's first threads. I would like to know how far I should screw it in to be fairly workable. I can't adjust it while the chain saw is running.
  2. topsites

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    Do it 1/4 turn at a time, first turn the screw all the way IN, then start the saw to test and see how it runs.
    Turn it off and if needed adjust 1/4 turn OUT, start the saw again to see how it runs, if you need to adjust again turn it off and adjust another 1/4 turn out, and just keep doing that... Obviously at some point you may have to leave well enough alone, a good idea is to leave the screwdriver with the saw so the next time you need to use it you can remember what the problem was last time just in case, that or put a sticky note on it with a scribble about that, and it's all a bit time consuming but you'll get there.
  3. SLR

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    Probably just useless rabbling,but could the 'choke or throttle-linkage(s)' be snagged/misaligned,when it was taken apart/put back together?
  4. Vikings

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    from canada
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    Well I got it working. I basically put that screw in half way, I didn't want to go further because I thought I might damage the spring.

    I kept the top of the chain saw off so I could see if I was twisting that screw properly. It runs very well now that it's adjusted and once it warms up.

    Now I can give it back to my brother in law and get my Husquavarna back before HE breaks it.:laugh:

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