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    I have a Max ATV with a 340cc Rockwell JLO (pronounced Hee-lo) two cycle engine. We are putting it together to go play and maybe sell later. Got it from a guy who had let it sit for a few years. The engine has no spark. The ignition is a magneto, which, uses a primary coil under the flywheel which after the magnet passes over it sends juice to the condenser, then as the points break, they send a charge to the secondary coils, then to the plugs. This ignition looks similar to when Kohler had points, and uses the same Bosch external coils that they do..

    The ground wires (the ones used to ground the ignition are not connected, meaning the system should fire. I got no spark and have been pulling the small amounts of hair I got left out trying to find out why I have no spark. If the points for some reason are not opening, that would be one good reason, but not likely that two sets of points are doing the same thing. This engine was also used on some snow mobiles. I have a complete ignition assembly and new set of coils and have to yank the flywheel to see what I have.

    Does anyone out there have any experience with the JLO engines? At one point I was going to put a bigger motor in it, but decided against it.

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