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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by spat, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. spat

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    I did a bid this morning for a tiny yard 60x120 I thought it would be a quickie 10 min. So I told her 50 a month. She wanted me to mow right then...As soon as I fired up the mower I was swarmed by residents 9 in all same bid and mowed them all with 10 more to bid in the morning . Sounds good right! Well the yards are too small, I was using a 36 w/b and it kicked my butt 22 to 30 min ( whole lotta trimming) just bad angles with the trees and fences. Looks like I will be doing the whole subdivision, 100 plus. Now the Question.... I need prouductivity!!!!

    I took some measurements, and I cant go any bigger than a 36 and a w/b is to long, What are my options? I was thinking a 36" wright stander. Any Ideas? I will post photos tommorow night.
  2. molivares

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    Well this seems like good news for you I can't answer your question but there does seem to be business in florida. This is good for my research let my know how much better you make out and good luck.
  3. Ric

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    You won't believe now. But you are way to cheap on your price. That why everyone wants you to bid there lawns. Ask your self this Question. Who was cutting there lawn before you showed up. Will they dump you in the fall.
  4. coonman

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    The stander might work. We have several small yards like that. Believe it or not we can do them faster with the 21 inch Toro than the larger mower because of the fences,trees and bad angles.

    good luck
  5. bastalker

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    If you went from 10 mins to 30 mins. you bid to low. Sounds like there isn't much more you can do for productivity, seeing that you cant get a bigger mower...... $25.00 is usually minimum per cut. I dont drop my gate for less than $30.00 no matter how small it is. As it is your working for less than $30.00 an hour...GL to ya!:drinkup:
  6. spat

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    I shoot for 50 to 60 per hour! and I have them set up on a annual contract for 42 cuts a year. $14.28 per cut, I can do 8 without moving the truck. So I low balled it to get the whole street.

    But I am the first one in all brand new! I thought it would be 10 min! I have lots twice the size I do in 12- 14 min!
    It was the first day out there...I should get faster
  7. molivares

    molivares LawnSite Member
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    I did some more research is this the norm in your area?

    I looked up the Yellow pages on the interenet and found 104 Lawn care business in my county only Osceola Fl.

    I looked up the county after this 203 Lawn care business in Polk FL.

    I looked at some of the ad's and they went something like this lawn cuttings starting at $15.

    Is this the norm is this area mowing for $15?

    is the Orlando area over populated with lawn care businesses that they have to start this low?
  8. spat

    spat LawnSite Member
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    Well depends where you are...I have some at 50 a month and I have one at 550 and most in the 90 to 130 range.
  9. Jason Rose

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    I know I may get bashed for this mower recomendation but here it is: Troybuilt 33" wide cut, I have one and have for 4 years now, I love that machine for those small 10 minute yards. It will fit almost anywhere and is light enough that it won't drag you into the fences and siding. The price is right too, Lowes $1,399 I believe. Oh well, just my $.02.
  10. molivares

    molivares LawnSite Member
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    I found this on the web: received the following e-message on August 14, 2001:

    From: Suzi []

    RE: Troybuilt lawnmowers

    Thank you for your service. Troybuilt may make a decent tiller but they make a lousy mower. We've had ours in the shop and the fabulous 7 year warranty that sold us the machine doesn't stand up.

    The senior service technician we spoke with at Troybuilt was arrogant and refused service to our dealer. We paid about $1000 for this mower and we are ready to dump it.

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