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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by spat, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. spat

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    I do believe your right. Something I overlooked, So you would rather deal with the billing headaches of many in order to "keep your baskets separate". Point taken....Thank you this will valuable.
  2. spat

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    Also any ideas for efficiency?
  3. JimLewis

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    Whoa! One minute you're telling us all that it's okay to charge $50 a month because you don't have the kind of expenses that we do. All of the "Workman's comp, employee abuse of YOUR equipment, salary and many more expenses" (your exact words).

    Then the next minute you're talking about doing $3.6 Mil. / year?

    That's my whole point! What seems like good money NOW (when it's just you and your partner) isn't NEARLY good when you add in all the costs of doing business. So either 1) You're going to have to encounter these expenses (and then realize that $50 a month isn't profitable) or 2) you and your miracle partner are somehow going to do $3.6 Mil / year on your own. You can't have it both ways, man.

    I am glad you mentioned your amazing success in your previous field. And how you're such a wonder in the corporate field that if you stood toe to toe with guys like me you'd, how'd did you say it? You'd.... "own me?" Hmmm. Very impressive. I wonder, though, if you're such a wonder, and it was going SOOO well in your previous electrical job, then why are you starting careers all over again??? It would seem that someone so impressive would be worth millions to corporate America. I guess they just didn't appreciate your true value, is that it?

    LOL. I don't think I've ever seen someone so full of themselves and ignorant at the same time. You've sure made a great first impression here at this site. LOL!
  4. 65hoss

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    This has awakened me more this morning than my coffee. :D
    Every off season someone like you comes here with monster plans to own the market. No experience, but some number crunching. Funny thing is, they never seem to be back with a success story. I don't know which one fed the line of ****, you or your partner, but this business just isn't as easy as you think to jump to 3 mil.

    I believe you need to get to the accountants office real quick. Based on the above numbers and your theory of almost no cost already says your screwed. But you should have already known that since you would own me in the corporate environment. Your right, how would I know what kind of costs you would have? I don't know, maybe it would be the accounting degree I have and the green industry experience combined?????Humm...

    Your arrogance here will only transfer into your business venture. I hope your partner is the one doing the selling and talking with customers.

    Oh, by the way, you think you will have a monopoly on this HOA, but let me tell you exactly what will happen. Regardless of how many customers you have, a new person will move in. That person will already have someone doing her lawn. She will have had a long-term business relationship with him. Once he starts doing her lawn, then it will be another neighbor, then another. One of them will be the head of the HOA. Then your in a bidding war over the HOA. Oh well, what the heck do I know. Your 2 years of research...
  5. Ric

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    Please Educated responses only, In a professorial manner.


    My education.
    Degrees in Criminal Justice and Horticulture, Turf Grass Management. Certified Pest Control Operator. Certified Florida Landscape Tech, Certified Florida Landscape Designer, Certified Arborist, Registered Irrigation contractor, and Registered Commercial landscape contractor.

    My Educated response in a very professional manner.

    You sir are a scrub
  6. Hawkeye5

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    Spat: I don't have a dog in this fight. I will point out that both Jim and Hoss are very good at this business and are only trying to help keep you in business for next year. Don't blow them off. The point is that you can't make up money on volume when each unit produces a loss. If you can improve productivity on each unit to generate a profit, then you are going to make it to fight another day. I will ask you to consider your bid success ratio. If it is over 30% the market is telling you you're too cheap.
    While I don't have any personal experience with standers, a 36" one may be the way to go.
  7. Ditto JimLewis and 65Hoss. And thanks Ric, you said what I didn’t. But SCRUB is the word. This guy’s simpleton calculations show exactly where he’s headed. It could work for him though. He just needs to be waiting at the docks, getting his labor fresh off the boat. I’m not going to waste any more time talking to him, he already knows it all. Man, all that expertise with just 6 hours experience running trimmer!!! You go girl, LOL
  8. Miller

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    from WY
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    This is a great thread! Spat, say something else! Quick! You are now the comedy relief for the lawnsite. I am having a blast reading your inane responses. Please, post some more. The others need more cannon fodder! ROTFLMAO. "You, Sir, are a SCRUB!" That's the funniest thing I've read on here for a long time. And Jim, "It's sorry you don't realize it." - That probably passed right by most people. That was funny as heck! Keep it up. SAVE THIS THREAD! LOL.
  9. bruces

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    Reminds me of the two simple country boys who were buying hay and hauling it to the next town and selling it.

    First one says "Can't figure it out, I'm busy as can be, buying hay for a $11 per bale, selling for $10 per bale, delivering it and I'm not making any money. What's wrong?"

    Second one scratches his head, thinks for a while and says " Don't know, probably should buy a bigger truck."

    The bigger the job, the bigger the potential to lose.

    I wish I would have been this knowledgeable about the business before I started. I'm starting my second year and still a ways from 3.6 million. Probably won't get there for a while either.

    If you can do it, great.
  10. TaussigLawnCare

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    wow your numbers were big but if you figure in expenses.
    1. if you have 6000 lawns you have to have emplyees and at 15 bucks a lawn half or a fourth of that goes to them
    2. gas I figure you know 3-4 bucks in gas per lawn plus oil and all that
    3. no matter who runs your equipment it will break or wear out sometime.
    4. insurance on employees and trucks and equipment you need that cause I cut off my fingers last year and if I wouldn' of got that I would have had to pay 50grand in med stuff
    5. with 6000 lawns you are going to have to have alot more equpiment for all your employees so you are going to have to take a loan so that means intrest you will have to pay.

    so after all that you would be lucky to pull a dollar a lawn.

    so if you even make any profit it will have to go to your loan.
    sorry if you don't want to accept it but I learned the hard way and everyone wants to help you
    sounds like you have a good thing going but ease up a bit keep the customers you have try to get a few more bucks out of them tell them something like with rising gas prices and equpment cost you need to rasie your prices slightly. I have to do that almost every year because you can't always tell how much work a yard will be till you mow it a few times. But once you get emplyees and needing new equipment they won't pay enough. If you were running it with craftsman push mowers out of your parents van it could pay for your college maybe but at those prices you get employees and start lossing money fast.

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