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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by J-Mass-Ind, Apr 16, 2009.

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    We just completed a small commercial retaining wall for the City, but the general contractor was local. Long story short, the City Inspector was on site every day. Only on the last day did he even get out of the vehicle, as our request.

    Problem: 18y\o retaining wall existing owned privately. Our wall was to run at a 60 degree angle from there existing wall. Our approved plans showed that our wall would be approx 16 inches shorter at the corner than the existing wall. The old existing block had several variances of 1\8 inch give or take. When asked as how to tie in the walls, the inspector stated that if we need to do some "creative carving" that would be ok. We did. Did not look the greatest but giving the situation it worked.

    Now the GC is upset about the looks and the City is concerned.... How would you have tied in the 8 inch beveled Anchor block, with the already existing wall?

    We have a meeting with all Monday morning.....
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    The right thing to do would have been to put it back on the site designer to resolve it. As soon as you work outside of the design, you more or less own the problem. You should have gone to the GC and told him that you need a design detail and then to write up a Change Order to cover the cost.

    You could try that now. It was an omission error in the design, but you may have taken ownership now that you did something that was not in the design.
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    Unfortunately AGLA is spot on.

    With all the red-tape with a gov't job, I would have put down my tools and got the city engineer or planner involved before making any changes. Unfortunately this is something the city or you should have addressed before starting the project.

    You might be OK in the end, especially since the inspector told you to go ahead.
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    Always, always, always get an RFI for clarification on anything of this nature. The GC should be able to get the info. you needed from the architect that designed it in the first place. Never ask an inspector because they frankly just don't give a sh%t about anyone's butt but their own. The unfortunate side of this is that you may end up coming out on the short end. Stick to your guns in your meeting tomorrow and don't get pushed around. Demand some answers so you can do your job effectively and correctly. Good luck!!!!

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