Need some help from others in lawn care and landscaping

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Gerg21, Mar 1, 2010.

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    If he wants to leave then let him. You say, he doesn't want to be a foreman, train others, or even wear a uniform. I think he is trying to control you. $13 an hour for a grass cutter is good enough, especially with the attitude he has. One thing about a bad economy is that there are alot of people looking for work. Put an add in the paper and see how many responses.
    As far as the men coming back in the Spring, I have no problem. Past three years, did not loose a single worker. I pay them a little over the going rates and have them come in for snow removal, that's it. They know it's a seasonal business and are ready for the winters. I also end the season with a nice Christmas party with their wives or girlfriends and a nice Christmas bonus.:)
    And you shouldn't even think about a partner. You did it for this long, why add to your problems.:hammerhead:
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    we have 4 returners and one newbie lined up, one guy has been with us forgoing on 5 years straight, one has 5 years, but an interlude, one is returning for year 2 and the other is year 2, but with stipulations as he was an ill performer in the past, this is his last chance.

    it has been hard to keep anyone and believe me, we have had soooooo many come and go, a few 2 times and never again. but, we try very hard to make working for us a very positive experience and try hard to take care of them in ways other than pay. there is a fine line though of caring and going too far. we stay to the correct side of that line, but it goes a long way. i can say here the pay is not as high as some of you, but we are in small city and labor is not a high end job face it. $11 is tops for a laborer, and us crew leaders get paid on commission quite well, but cost out our help(not actually pay them) so it is a find balance as you know to pay as good as you can , and keep very nice equipment and all the rest of the whole overhead thing. we do however easily use the nicest machines and keep very good care of them so working is a pleasure not a burden. countless guys have commented on our machines and care both newcomers and guys from other companies that worked for us for a while. that goes a very long way, but is expensive

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