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So long story short, I started a mowing company and I'm also entertaining general labor/grunt work to keep my cash flowing going during start up. I do this part time and have a regular full time job.

My ad just ran in the local paper and my phone is finally starting to ring after 3 months of nothing at all. So a guy calls and wants an estimate for his yard to mowed as does his neighbor....perfect. the catch is, he also wants his driveway sealed. The driveway is real small, maybe 18x30ish. Im in no way set up to spray sealer, nor do I have the desire. This guys pretty much looking for the economy job with the Lowes or Home Depot blackjack stuff they sell. I know, I know, it's lame to do a driveway this way, but it's pretty much my only option, I think.

This will all get done with a squeegee or brush. It's already been sealed in the past and just needs a touch up coat to keep it looking nice. so my question is what would you guys recommend, and please don't tell me to sub it out or skip it all together. what's the best product to use that's actually worth a s&$t and is readily available. I'm open to almost any suggestion short of subbing it to a driveway guy or just plain not doing it.

Ideally, I'd like to have a product that's easy to get, (preferably from a sealer supplier), is worth using, moderately easy to work with, and reasonably priced. So pretty much I want the best of all worlds combined. :rolleyes: I came here from the mowing forum to get an education on this end of things. the only thing I really know about sealing is that a coal tar based sealer is good but tough to find in my area (from what I understand anyway). I also know that I don't like doing sealing. I did my driveway, which is huge, with 20 some buckets of the cheapo blackjack stuff and it's been holding up surprisingly well for 3 years. I just don't want to look like a total hack if I show up with something that is truly garbage and have it fail after 6 months. I don't want to rip this guy off just to make a few bucks. I'm simply trying to get my name out there......I'm not too worried about the bidding. It'll just be my standard grunt labor rate with a minimum amount + the cost of materials with a small markup to cover me having to go get it... any help is really appreciated.

Also, does anyone know of a supplier in the Reading PA area? I searched but didn't come up with much
Thanks in advance



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your sealcoating about 540 sq/ft and would be about 10 gallons of sealer get 15 to be safe best way to get it is to find a local sealcoater that will sell you 15 gallons right out of his truck


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Not sure what type of sealer you are looking for but after a google search in your area I found this co. near Pottstown and they are selling this product called Pitch Black. I went down to South Carolina This past Monday and Tuesday to ride with a co. that uses this product, and I got to tell you I was Impressed with the results, fast dry time no burn like CT. and very nice texture. Two coats on this one lot and it look great, they are using it commercially too. I found a co. closer to me or I would be trying to hook up with this guy.