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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TheChiefsLawnCare, Dec 2, 2007.

  1. TheChiefsLawnCare

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    a lady in new orleans hasnt had her grass cut in about 1-2 months durnin the fall. when i went to give her a price i told her 135 for about 3 hours of work. do yall think this is a fair price. when i went their the first time she said that she had someone coming and the same answer the second and then yesterday i received a phone call from her sayin that the guy never did come. soo thats y i went there today to give her the price and when i said it, she said thats to much the other guy would only charge 50. well i tried to explain to her that i was supplying my own gas, and equipment, bags. etc. and was gonna give a quality cut, and im a solo operation, and u could tell she didnt wanna hear it. but when she told me the 50 i knew that she was bullshittin me. i guess hes only charging 50 dollars cause hes not reliable and other things down the line. she called me yesterday and i said i would be out there 2morrow as i did before 12 noon. so i guess shell need to pay the 50 and beg for the guy to go out there. any responses would be good. theres nothin to cut around other than a fema trailor, its all open area and its st augistine grass. i was gonna bag all the clippins, rake if necessary, trim, edge, and of course mow. so, any answers on if i was to high would be good. i usually figure .75 cents a minute. which broke down to 180 minutes of work which was 135 dollars. and if the 50 dollars was actually a good price.
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    your post is horribly difficult to read and understand. but from what i gathered, your using a 21" push type mower and it will take you 3 hrs. knowing how much quicker my ZTR is compared to a 21", im guessing id be done in less than a half hour. for that time, id probably be in the $50-$75 range. you cant charge a high price based on time unless you are using expesnisve machines that cut the time down. say for instance your digging an inground pool and get quotes by the hour to dig. most bids are $100/hr and you get one for $50/hr and think your doing good and hire the guy. he shows up with a shovel and digs for 100 hours by hand. thats $5000. the other guys at $100/hr would have shown up with a backhoe and been done in 5 hours for atotal of $500. im making these numbers up but just to make a point
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    if it will take you 3 hours it will end up costing you to do this job if shes only paying $50.00.. the price of $135.00 sounds good and you can not make a profit at $50.00. so i would pass on this job if she will not pay the $135.00. and then you have to figure she will probably be a p.i.t.a. ... so is it worth the possible pains ?????????
  4. cantoo

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    Move on she ain't worth the time. You already have too much time and fuel wasted on a job she can't afford. You have been there twice already?
  5. topsites

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    At least the mystery of why the grass has not been cut has been answered.

    Right when they come off with this "but the other guy do it for x"
    I say "ok" and start walking, because this estimate is done.

    You give a price and they don't want it, that means your job there is finished.
    That's it: Getting a call sometimes means giving an estimate. So, you did that.
    That's the extent of your job, unless they say yes then you are finished here and you can go on.
    Beyond the price they can chose, yes or no, that is their choice, you have to accept whatever comes, no is an acceptable answer.

    If the answer is yes then you have more work to do, but if the answer is anything except 'yes do it' then your job is finished.

    That's the attitude to have, don't hassle with it, yes or no, either way and now please.
    If the answer is not a definite yes, that means no.
    So, walk away.
  6. topsites

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    On the other hand, questioning yourself on prices usually means you lack some experience.

    What this customer was trying to say is "would you like to gain said experience by doing this for less than the going rate?"
    I'm still not sure why they don't say that, instead of telling a lie, but I'd have to guess they just don't know.
    Oh well...

    See, if I quote 135 you won't see me here asking if it was fair.
    Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't, it's what I quoted and I deal with it.

    Not telling you what to do, but you may want to accept one or two down the road like this in order to learn from it all.
    Whether you need that I could not tell you, but lord knows I did the dirty until I knew better.

    Because we can tell you, but...

    Either way I wouldn't fool with this one now.

    Now my rule is this:
    If more than x out of 10 customers say yes, my prices are too low.
    If more than x per 10 say no, my prices are too high.

    X can be anything between 1 and 10, I'd suggest making x = 5 out of 10 for starters, later on it goes up or down, you decide.
    My x is around 9 out of 10, has to do with volume, supply and demand.
  7. TheChiefsLawnCare

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    well, i have done these types of lawns before and some even taller. i did one for 190 dollars and it took me 8.5 hours, now, i am usin a 21 inch self propelled soo that does means it takes a lil longer. and this is the first one that i have said that i am to high. i had a friend swing by that has the same equipment and he was sayin 85 would be his lowest. so imma get another friend to stop by and tell me what he would charge and then go from there. i have been doing this for about a year.
  8. S man

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    Don't be dissin my local friend. He has 21"s so he needs to charge for his time. Not everyone needs ztrs all over the place.
  9. cantoo

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    The price to cut the lawn should be the same no matter what you are cutting it with. The customer doesn't care what you are cutting it with the job will be the same when it's done. It will be cut.
    If you cut with a 21" and it takes two hours the price is X$. If you cut with a 60" ZTR ( as long as there is room that is) and it takes 1/2 hour then the price is still X$. At least that's the way we do it here. It could be different elsewhere.
    We charge for obstacles that take us more time and use the biggest mower we can fit on the property.
  10. DuallyVette

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    That's not dissing. Its just the facts.

    If he buys a shovel he can start bidding on swimming pool excavation.

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