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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by gmlcinc, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. gmlcinc

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    I'm going to be bidding on this apartment complex and just wanted some opinions on time to mow, trim, blow, and edge. Edging can be done bi-weekly. I have never done anything if this size so I just want to see if my figure is in the ball park. I would be using a two man crew with a 60" and 72" mowers.

    Total acres: 19 with approx. 10 being turf.
    Dimensions are approx. 1307' x 635'

  2. bohiaa

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    Seems like I have seen this before....

    It's a little hard to see.....

    But you may want to bid them as seperate,,,then make a total on them togather,,

    this may help
  3. mowing grass 1111

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    man i would love to have a complex layed out like that ... most of mine are built on a damn hill .. but thats way they pay so good.

    i couldn't even start to price that job inless i was on the site but just for the hell of it i would say $550 a cut

    SILVERSTREAK INC LawnSite Senior Member
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    eek if i bid any less than 750 id lose my butt, done it before!

    think you could do it in a ball busting day with 2 guys?

    if it was a 3 guy crew id figure around 100 bucks an hour, or do it at 75 an acre with lazers, 100 with a 48" walkbehind and basket per acre, plus weedwacker time at 25-35 an hour

    then of course you have ferts, leaves, trimming, weekly bed maintenance...etc etc
  5. delanceyburnett

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    keep in mind when you are mowing trimming and blowing there will always be someone in your way. that kills my time. will you be doing tree service,seasonal plantings,and what about leaves. my bids were for mowing trimming blowing and everything else was time and sure to put in your bid that you are not responsable for trash and yard art
  6. Driftwood-Landscapes

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    I'm with Silverstreak on this one. You will loose your butt if it's not priced correctly. Although, most property managers are looking for the cheapest bid and will run you off as soon as they find a lower bid or you increase yours.
  7. delanceyburnett

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    dont be afraid to ask what there budget is for. they are just like us they have a budget to go by. i have learned that they can move it around if need be to keep the property first impressions and looking good. we went by there budget and made money. we did more than anyone before us and wowed them enough for us to get a 10% increase without having to ask on all 7 properties this year. now there was one property that had a really low budget and i told them i would not unload my equipment for that.
  8. Driftwood-Landscapes

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    "Yard Art" I knew there was a good word(s) to descibe that! I'm borrowing that term!
    Aslo, I do agree with asking for there budget. It can tell you a lot up front. If they want (in my experience) there aren't looking for good service. If they do, 90 percent of the time they want the place looking good and as you said; They'll move money around if needed, fo the right company.

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