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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by ratherbfishing3574, Apr 22, 2008.

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    Can anyone tell me what they would charge for the following job. The customer has had a landscape architect come and design a nice flower bed for their house. The architect's plans list all plants, and show bed design in detail so it is kinda dummy proof....I hope! The area where flower bed is going to be is covered with grass. I was planning on digging up grass, get some bags of composted cow manure, and other soil amendments, and till the whole area first. The customer has also requested weed barrier fabric so I will lay that down after smoothing bed out. Mulch bed and then put in plants or do you guys put plants in first then mulch? I watched some guys the other day mulch first and it really seemed easier due to not having to worry about getting mulch in plants. Any dissagreements with what I have planned so far? Please let me know!
    Ok now for specifics the bed is roughly 150', there are 43 plants most being 3 gallon and smaller, 4 yards of pine bark, and the estimate calls for 20 bags of fertilizer, but like I said above I am just planning on adding soil amendments mainly because I am absolutely clueless as to what kind of fertilizer to add to a flower bed without having the soil tested. Also I will have to rent tiller which is $85 a day and, I am doing by myself. Anyway thats it in a nutshell. So how much would you guys charge for this, and do you think my plan is the correct route to go. When I say charge I mean after everything is paid for how much money should I be taking to the bank. I like the break from mowing yards every now and then but I always sell myself short on these darn flower beds so any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated.
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    Forget the weed barrier in flower beds. Rethink you fertilizer quanity, 20 bags is a lot of fert.
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    rent a sod cutter also it will save you from using a pick to dig the grass out. so figure 200 in rentals add up the plants and manure add what you want to make in 2 days, work will only take one day but then you need to run all the material so what do you want to make$300 a day more give them the plants at retail price you make the wholesale difference dont give a warrenty on living materials so material and rentals plus gas add on what you want to make and that will be more than reasonable. Most would charge 31/2 times the plants plus labor and mulch and rentals etc.. try it this way should be gaurnteed the job and make what you want to. sounds like if they hired a designer they will spend the money to do the job so. fabric doesnt prevent all weed we do not use it sell them on treflon or preen and then you can up sell maintenance weekly weeding, mix in compost when tilling 20 baqgs of fert is way over kill
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    Thanks for the help guys. I really appreciate it!!! Sod Cutter! Why didn't I think of that?
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    Do not use weed fabric. It will take you more then a day so charge 600.00 for labor.

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