Need some help on Husqvarna WB Spindle

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by DT Lawn Care, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Hey guys, my dad has a Husqvarna WHF5219 wb, and the center spindle was spinning hard. I have replaced a whole spindle on my Gravely (spindle is sealed, so needed a whole spindle kit), but on these you can just replace the bearings and other parts. I am not very familiar with these, as this is my first time working on the internals of a spindle.

    We took the blade off, took the top bolt off, pulled off the pulley and parts on top, and slid the big spindle bolt through to the bottom, no problem. We then pulled the spindle (the part that bolts to the deck) off and took a look. We have pulled the "dust caps" (as the manual calls them) off and the "grease popet", but my dad cannot get the "shaft seals" out. The other parts inside are moving around freely (is that good?) but we are kind of lost on what to do. There are also a couple of parts that aren't named or numbered, I am guessing that those are parts that need to be replaced?

    We called our Husqvarna dealer and the whole "bearing kit" is like $63. I have heard that you can just get the parts at a hardware store, and that they aren't hard to find.

    Any advice or solutions to this problem will be greatly appreciated.

    Here is the PartsTree diagram of the deck:

    Husqvarna WHF 5219, 52" Deck, 19 hp Kaw Twin. Model 968999253
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    You should use a seal puller on those (# 17 on the break down) You can get one at any auto parts store for around 20 bucks

    Starting at # 18 going down, you have the bearing, the race that the bearing rides on and below the housing, you have a spacer, then another race and bearing. Unless there is a lot of ware or damage on the spacer, you don't need to replace it

    If you can read the numbers on the bearing, ( I use a magnifying glass to read them) seal and race, you can get them crossed over at any good auto parts store

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