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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by mustang_52, Oct 13, 2004.

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    Ive got two related problems going on and I can't pin point the problem. The first problem is sometimes when I go to start the engine, I turn the key and nothing happens. I can start it by using a jumper from the battery straight to the starter and it will start and then everything is fine until the next time it happens. Ive had the solenoid replaced earlier in the year so I didn't think it was that but who knows. Now the second problem is lately, every so often I go to start the engine and it will start for 2 secs then shut off by itself. It will do so for like 5 times straight and then eventually stay running. Im thinking both problems may be from the same thing, like a safety switch or something. Please help.
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    your pto switch is bad
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    These types of problems are really tough to diagnose. You'll probably need to get the unit into a qualified tech for inspection when it's acting up.

    Until then I did talk to one of our best tech guys and he made several good points. Historically when you have an irratic electrical problem it's usually either a bad ground, bad connector or a short. Two of those are fairly easy to find and fix the short can be more difficult. The first thing he would recommend that you do is to simply find all of the ground lead and if necessary remove them, clean them and re-install. Next simply unplug the electrical connectors for the motion control levers (drive sticks), parking brake, seat switch etc. and inspect them for corosion. If they are green and nasty looking simply clean them up, re-pack them with di-electric grease and re-install. To be honest this should probably be done as part of your annual maintenance whether it needs it or not so doing it now is an even better idea.



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