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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Poncho25, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Poncho25

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    Ok, got a job think I got all the calculations right, but wanted to check here with you guys and see if i am on target and actually learning here :clapping:

    ok, so I got a total of about 45 bags of mulch @ 3cu.ft. per bag, need to cover 135cu.ft of area, so figured about 5 cu.yards of mulch is needed. my costs are 2.75 per bag, so I took my total and added 60% more or less, to round out to $200.00 client cost for the mulch, I am thinking this should take me about 4 hours max (have to drive to my nursery which is about 20 min away so delivery is included in the hours), i already started cleaning out the bed areas so not much to clean out, just to spread it. Oh and just an FYI, the client doesn't want to go with 3" of mulch as she is sorta on a we went with 2". So i am thinking 40 an hour. AM on on target here or am I missing something?
  2. taproot

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    Rethink/measure the coverage you need to do then ask again. 135cu.ft at 2" doesnt work.
  3. taproot

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    It doesnt work in sq.ft. either
  4. Poncho25

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    if you want me to break it down in the sizes i can:

    1. 2 3x3 areas
    2. 1 4x10 area
    3. 1 9x16 area
    4. 1 16x24 area
    5. 1 4x42 area

    total sq.ft. is 754sq.ft.
    I am not the best at math :) but formula I think is to take the (sqft)x(depth)/27 = cu yards needed. So if thats correct formula, it would be 754x.17/27=4.7 rounded off to 5 yards. is this wrong? also pricing is where i wanted to check to make sure, figure 40-45 per yard = 200/225 per yard. and 4 hours install an delievery @ 40 per hour (3 hours install 1 hour drive time for delievery). >?

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    You're probably pretty close on the number of have you considered having them delivered? An hour driving is an hour wasted...check the delivery fee, incorporate it in the price and you still get paid, plus have time for more work.

    Mulch prices seem to vary a lot from region to region so if you're in line with your area then you're good :) Just me...I never specific a depth in inches...for most clients, mulch is cosmetic and the depth can vary depending on the bed...also it invites the client to come out with a ruler to verify the depth :laugh:

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    A yard at 3" will cover about 100' at 4 about 80' ( I would not go less than 3)
    But at 2"- 167' so you have 754 / 167 or 4.5 yards- 27 cube per yard so 4.5 times 21 = 121 cube feet / 3 = 40 bags you need

    I would be at 300 - 350 for bags or drop plus 35 for del--- any prep??
  7. taproot

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    It must be me....but I dont understand the whole concept of "bags of mulch" . When it comes to a "sizable amount" wouldnt it be easier to estimate in yards and buy yards of mulch? Its much easier to get rid of a lil extra then to run to the supplier to get "a bag' of mulch.'ll.. find a use for that extra.
  8. rfed32

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    why bags??i just guess when i get it in my truck i might be short...i also ask how much they got the year b4...i dont care what they think if they dont like it well **** em....thats what i whole bussiness aspect changed this year money is key

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    For the smaller jobs -- bags can be easier- To buy-- To deliver -- And to distribute. Grab a bag and go!

    But you are all right that bigger jobs have to be bulk
  10. Poncho25

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    ok you made me get a headache!! :hammerhead: SO I am actually learning woo hoo ;) MM would be proud... ;)
    I am right around your figures there PM, i figure about 400.00 total, including install an delivery. Not much prep to do, maybe about an hours worth, the beds are already there just the mulch she had in it before is all pretty much gone, no overgrowth or anything in there, so pretty much just smoothing it out with some removal, about an hours worth, so i am figuring 2 hours to put the mulch down an spread it, think that is enough for solo job? (I have 4 hours, 1 hour delivery (which is really about 40 min) 1 hour prep, 2 hours put down)....thoughts?

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