need some help on some license issues?


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Dayton, oh
I ve been int the lawn and sports turf field for 10 yrs now. I know just about everything about lawns you need to know , but im sketchy on how to set up my own business. I have my license to apply the chemicals but what other lchemical license do I need. when do I have to get a business license ? When do I have to claim taxes and what other aspects far as legal should I know. I have my customers and equipment . Just waiting on the weather and some of these questions to be answered .

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rocky river ohio
get your self a accountant to do all the paper work for you all you have to do is cine checks. trust me i did it all my self and it sucked
file as LLC

insurance American family $352 for 100,000.00 50,000.0 for equipment truck full coverage comm 100.00 month


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