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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by bdlawncare, Jan 12, 2012.

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    That is why I asked if he actually had the 40-50 or was aiming for it.:rolleyes:
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    I figured as much Ralph;)

    What do you do to get more lawns. I started up last year with (2) existing lawn I just did on the side previously. I figured I would get a bunch more just from the truck with signs being parked at the houses. I only got (1) all year. PArt of it is definatly the neighborhood. Older people who already had someone, or real young newly weds who cant afford it. I did over 500 mailer last year and got one phone call. The easy answer is people dont like how it looks when I leave LOL but I know thats not the case. My customers love it when I come, and have never had a call back, so its not quality. It just kills me to see the shitbox set ups out there, doin crap work and people paying for it. Id like to pick up 1 full day of mowing accts for this yr
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    My growth has been all word of mouth, but then I wanted to grow slow, I have only 20, but they are all full service (no snow stuff) I want to stay solo so I haven't got than much more room to grow.
    Soooo ask your customers for customers. Check out vistaprint for business cards and stuff, they also have a very inexpensive web design service if you want to go that way. Check out community bulletin boards hang up fliers or business cards.
    See if there is a corner or piece of property in town, that is owned by the town that you can maintain for free and put a sign small sign , maintain by: ______. Check out the ad cost in the free throw away weekly or biweekly newspapers.
    And know what it cost you to do business before your grow. All of us have done things just to bring in money that we won't do any more - I used to have folks stop me all the time to do there bushes - I used to do it. I am now just a whole yard person - other guys just want to cut, blow and go and you have to decide what your business is so your customers can understand what you do. Hope that helps.

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