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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Honerlaw-LawnCare, Aug 7, 2006.

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    Okay i dont really do much landscaping but got a request to build a 5ft wide x 20ft long bed for someone that lives right in my area. He wants me to haul in topsoil and create the shape he has in mind. He only wants the top soil about 2ft deep to create a mound so he can plant some bushes and flowers along it to show where the property line is between his house and his neighbors. After that he wants me to come back and mulch this area. Sounds pretty easy but i have a few questions. Before the topsoil goes in do i need to remove the existing sod or put the top soil down and then create an edge? Also what is a good price for delivering, and installing the topsoil?
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    I always remove the sod a 100sq isn't jack so do it with a sharp spade. I f you don't the grass will pop through along the edges. Create a nice spade edge, I like to create a 4" slightly angled edge along the entire bedding area, looks real clean and helps hold in the mulch. as far as pricing goes if you did a search you would find plenty on that subject. Or just calculate how much your materials are and how much you need to live :).

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    I dont like repeats when i agree, i agree with the previous post. To add a litttle more i would charge for 8-10 ton what ever your going rare on soil is in your area. 1 trick is to get the truck as close to the site as possible so you dont have to wheel so much. Then remember you might have any where up to 1.5 hour cleaning up your mess. If you clean out area figure 3 hours time you haul sod away, then bring in soil and spread i would give a estimate on 6 hours labor and material. Keep in mind most people dont like doing this or they wouldnt of called you.

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