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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Poncho25, Nov 6, 2006.

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    Hey gang, been a while but I am a bit stumped and could use some outside help with the numbers in a decent size mulch job I just got.. Down below are the numbers of the bed areas.

    29x5= 145sqft
    6.5x6.5= 42.25sqft
    3.5x26= 91sqft
    6x18= 108sqft
    5x46.5= 232.5
    7x3= 21
    82x3.5= 287
    2x21= 42

    Total sqft is 965 rounded lowest, they don't want it to thick so figured 2" deep.
    The nursery that I deal with and the ones in the area only deal with bags of mulch of 2cuft per bag for redmulch.
    So now i need to figure out how much this is per yard.
    965x2"/27 (i believe is the formula to figure out sqft for yards) that would give me around 71.50 cu this right?? cause this would bring the price to 4647.50 @ 65.00 per yard installed, not including labor......Please help cause this seems really high....My labor costs would be 35 per man hour and would be 2 men including myself doing this... HELP!!! :) Free beer to all that help me!!!
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    ok saw some errors already...unless i am way off.... 965sq ft would be 6 cu yards? if so then i am not sweating that much!! That would make it about 81 bags if they are 2 cuft per bag
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    I came up with 82.34 bags. Round up, not down. Maybe add a couple bags, just in case.
    Yeah, that is a little more than 6 cu yds.
    In your first post where you show the different take that # and multiply by .17 (2" deep) and that will give you total cu ft. Divide that number by 27 for cu yds or by 2 for how many bags of mulch you need.

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    As a benchmark I use 150 sqft= one cubic yard. Most bags say 100 sqft per yard but I never seem to spread it that thick.

    So you would be looking at around 6.5 cubic yards.

    13.5 bags per yard for 2 ft bags, or 9 bags per yard for 3 ft bags.

    Yeah round up a bit, especially with bags you can just toss any extras in the truck when you're done.

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