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    hey guys, I'm in my 1st year in this but i really need help with this. a customer called me up and asked me if i could fix his front yard. i need to get the length and width but its about 1ft deep full of clay/rocks and he wants me to haul it away and get loam and seed it. my first question is how do i quote him? (i will be using a skid steer, i do need to find a dump truck or dump trailer to rent) also what is the best way to go about this. if you guys could give me some advice i would very thank full. also if someone could kinda give me directions that would be great thank you :)
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    Not knowing the size of your job area limits the answer.

    Rent a bin for the rocks. They're probably three feet heigh and perhaps as big as the back area of a one ton flatdeck.
    They'll unload it on the curb for you and you call when it's full.
    You can only load to the top of the lip.

    Check with your city hall to see if you require a permit for the bin to be left on the side of the road.

    Ask the bin company about the clay, if you are removing that. You may be able to
    get another box for it, or use your truck. Look in the yellow pages under containers, disposal bins,
    that sort of thing.

    Use quality grade one grass seed recommended for your area and the microclimate
    of the lawn that you are seeding. (ie: sunny or shady)

    Correct the pH of the soil. You can get a cheap pH test kit at H.D. over in the
    hot tub area. You can get a soil test there too in the garden department, if you just want to get a basic test.

    A landscape rake is a good investment. Rent a roller. I bought one.

    Grass roots usually go down about 4 inches at the most, so I would think that you won't have to excavate all of the small pieces of rock and clay, just the big stuff and level it out.
    If you cover the top 4 to six inches with loam and rake it out and prepare the growing area properly, that will be sufficient for the grass to grow well.

    1 yard of soil will cover an area 10 feet by 10 feet, three inches deep.

    Get a starter fertilizer and a broadcast spreader for the seed, fertilizer and whatever you are adjusting your pH with (lime brings it up, gypsum takes it down)
    You want a neutral pH or just below....7 being neutral on the scale

    When you figure out where you will want to park your truck and the bin to work,
    let the client know so that on the day of service you don't get screwed out of a
    parking spot and have to work harder moving supplies a greater distance.
  3. 1999 GMC 1500

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    thank you very much it is a big help! :):)
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    figure out what all of you costs are going to be. then add in your labor rate. done

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