need some help winterizing, and lawn mower care

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by smarotta09, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. smarotta09

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    my first year here... took over my dads business, have about 70 accounts per week... i have 5 mowers, trying to sell about 2 .. i was wondering if anyone could help me out with what type of mowers i actually have.. i have a 72 inch exmark mower that i am trying to sell,, problem is, i dont have any specs on it.. think i have a commercial deck ? dont know what size the engine is.. is there a vin or something that i can look to see what i have.. trying to get something for it to put towards alot smaller mower.. also have a 52 inch exmark walk behind that i have no idea how to winterize? do you winterize all mowers the same? and if you do .. how? lol and also .. have a billy goat debris loader, how do you winterize that.. any help would be amazing thanks guy
  2. jrs.landscaping

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    Look at the thread winterizing equipment on this page.
  3. chuacro

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    I hope your dad is still around to give you imput. If not, I would think about selling. I think you waited too long to get involved in this business.
  4. smarotta09

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    haha yes my dad is still around to help and i actually do very well.. i was mostly asking about the mower that i have, bought it used for a family friend... have no idea about the specs on it.. trying to sell it now and getting million of questions on how big the mower is and such

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