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Need some help with commercial bid folder


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Can anyone help me out with putting a professional bid folder together. I was thinking of getting a folder, and on the inside have a place for a business card, small intro to the coompany,ins binder, and est form. Just hoping to look at some examples of what you guys are using. Th:waving:anks in advance!

BearWise Landscapers

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Orlando, FL
For proof of insurance, you can either include a sample certificate of insurance that outlines all of your liability coverages, or you can have your insurance agent issue a certificate of insurance with that prospective commercial client as the certificate holder. I would include one of these certificates in your Bid Folder. Hope that helps...

Kennedy Landscaping

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El Dorado Kansas
This is a great thread. I always have this problem too.


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I belive what your refering to is your company profile.
there Quite simple. appartment complxes are the best sample I ca give you.
go to several of them act like your wanting to rent. and pick them up.
take them home and study them.
Get some from CRAPY places. mid range. and upper scale.
then model your profile accordingly.
my self I have 3.

Granted we only target upscale clients. We do have some that simply want the place looking good. with that said. our profett margin remains the same if NOT higher for the lower scales proptries. remember that weeds are harder to cut and are hard on your blades. this is the reason.

also lower scale places most of the time you CANT sell them anythign like mulch/flowers and such.

if and when you need to present this portfolo to a client this is where the task comes in.
do I present the upper class folder? lower ? of midrange?

simply put. your company is probualy NOT for everyone. as your service. so to tap into that market. you will have 3 faces to wear.

Best of luck