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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by grass guys, Aug 6, 2008.

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    I've been in the lawn care business for the past 8years but I'm kinda new at the landscapin part of it. My question is I have a commercial property that have had some mulch beds installed with flowers and bushes at the beginin of this year and now they have decided that they want me to take care of the beds well as you can expect the beds are over run with weeds and my question is there a chemical I can use that will kill the weeds but not the plants which in turn will save me from pullin them all by hand? Thanks in advance for any and all opinions
  2. grass guys

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    Honestly, no help come on guys just a little help!!!
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    What I've done in the past is pull as many weeds as you can first. Obviously your not going to get them all after the first pull, especially seeing how some weeds will re-root with the littlest of root mass left over.

    two or three weeks later I will go in and spot spray again with round-up. I try to protect the plants from the spray as much as possible. One good way to hit with round-up is to find some of the weeds growing in the plants and use a cheap disposable paint-brush and wipe the weed. It can be tedious sometimes, but if you've pulled the worst of them first, it's not too bad. Sometime you can find hand sprayers with cones on the spray nozzle to prevent over-spray also.

    I've seen some situations where the weeds are so bad that I have to renovate the whole bed. I start first by pulling weeds/ spraying, and two weeks later come in and dig up all the perennials and try to remove as many weed roots as possible, and replant.
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    You could use image if its the right kind of plants.I would do what the last white garden said,except I would weedeat the weeds first to save time.

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