Need some help with overseeding issue/advice on Long Island.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Stevegotcrabgrass, Aug 25, 2009.

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    History: Installed new lawn this spring (bad timing I now suspect). Got about 80 Yds Topsoil delivered to fix grade, installed Irrigation system. Seeded with Lesco double eagle blend. Grass came in decent. One section (with more shade) looks amazing. Other sections, all sun, have 60% Crabgrass 40% turf.
    My plan. Late September I plan on overseeding again. I am going to cut the lawn low and bag it up. I will rake it out to pick any debris and try to thin out the crab grass. I will then overseed using an overseeder (slit seeder) and I will apply a starter fertilizer After germination. Come next spring I will apply a pre-emergent and maintain a healthy lawn in hopes I can combat the crabgrss.
    Questions: Is this an effective method in suppressing the crabgrass? Since I am expecting the crabgrass to die in late september I am hoping the new grass will be able to take root which will in turn assist with supressing the crabgrass. Can the new seed grow THROUGH the existing crabgrass if I slit seed over the crabgrass that is there? Can I seed before I apply Pre-em. in spring? Anything else I can do? I spend a lot of time trying to make my lawn beautiful and It actually depresses me to see my hard work turn to crabgrass. Thanks in advance.
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    Or is there maybe a more preferred method of accomplishing this?
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    Did not realize this was in the wrong forum...I will repost in HO assistance
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    For me it's been a combination of things that have helped me turn the tide on crabgrass. Proper maintenance is crucial along with the pre-m, overseeding,etc.I'm not sure about seeding it through the crabgrass and all that but I will tell you what's worked for me.

    You're trying to develop thick healthy turf that doesn't give the crabgrss the chance to take over. First of all make sure you're cutting your lawn properly by always cutting with sharp blades and do your best to try and only cut a 1/3rd of the grass off at a whack which means cutting more often in the spring and fall. Another thing which helped me a lot battling crabgrass was cutting at the highest possible setting for a season or two. I'd cut yours in NY at 3 1/4 in the spring/fall and bump it up to 3 1/2 in the dry months.

    So yeah I'd overseed in the fall and spring and maybe even topdress it with a quality compost mix as well. Then when you seed next spring do it as early as you can to give you time before you apply a pre-m. Most of them don't let grass seed germinate either. Then just mow it high and feed it what it needs and I think you will slowly start to win the battle. It took me about two full seasons of doing this to be just about crabgrss free. Usually you're always going to have a little, but a little is a lot easier to deal with than 60%.

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