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Need some help with renovation.


LawnSite Member
South Carolina
I need to renovate a centipede lawn that is about 18,000sf. The yard gets approximately 6 hours of sun, but has some trees around edge of the yard. I would like to use Bermuda seed, due to cost. I thought about fescue, but I don't believe there is a fescue that can withstand the South Carolina Heat. The lawn does have an irrigation system so that does help. I also was curious if anyone has tried the new hybrid Heat Tolerant Bluegrass, I've gotten mixed reviews. My plan is to plug aerate the entire lawn and remove plugs. Then top dress with #35 sand. Next use drop spreader to seed, drag lightly with a piece of chain link and then roll. Looking for any comments or other suggestions. Oh yeah I forgot the starter fert. will be applied.


LawnSite Senior Member
fescue most likely wont make it no matter how much you water i have 4 customers who have fescue because thats what they wanted when their house was built and they have no trees in their yard every time i see a yard like that i just shake my head. Every year i have to fight the fescue with over seeding spring and fall too keep it thick here no matter how tall i cut it and no matter how much they water it simply gets too hot here and i dont understand why people insist on it but they do so i mow it