Need some help with some poison oak

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by notaniel, May 23, 2012.

  1. notaniel

    notaniel LawnSite Member
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    Here is my problem,
    I maintain a site that has a fair number of wax myrtles, about 1/2 of which are basically overgrown with poison oak and other vines.
    I was wondering if you guys know of anything that i can spray on and kill the vines and poison oak, but not the wax myrtles or the grass.

  2. Think Green

    Think Green LawnSite Silver Member
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    If you are allergic to the ivy, then I will bite and say there is nothing that will be used as a topical spray and not hurt the myrtles.
    I put on long sleeve shirt, face mask, glove and pull the runners out of shrubbery and trim it off about 3 inches from the root. Wear clear eye protection to possibly keep any sap from getting into your eyes.

    I then take a cotton ball on some instances or one of those cheap black-foam paint brushes from wal-mart. Pour about an ounce of glyphosate into a old veggie can or something to dip the brush into. Be careful in not letting glyphosate drip onto grass or desirable items. Then I just paint the glyphosate onto the cut areas of the ivy. As long as there is a leaf or two, even a cut stem will absorb the glyphosate. Allow a few days for the material to absorb. repeat again if new growth or runners should appear.
    In wooded areas next to turfgrasses, I use a sponge dipped in glyphosate and dab the ivy or paint the stems and leaves for effective kill.
  3. notaniel

    notaniel LawnSite Member
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    thanks for the advice.
    yeah, i'm allergic to it, last time I cut back the myrtles and pulled out all the vines in the fall i got poison oak on both arms, face, and chest. To say the least it wasn't the most pleasurable experience to have afterwords.

    i'll have to try the glyphosphate of the stem next time i get a chance
  4. agrostis

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    Everything thinkgreen said is spot on. I don't know of anything that won't hurt those wax myrtle's. This a a hand's on type of job. I am so allergic that i woudn't touch those runner's. I know they will look bad for a while, but when those leave's fall off, they will look better. Put a couple of drop's of dye concentrate in a 33-33-33% motor oil, 2,4-D and glyphosate mix. Have a tube of this -
    - ready to go, you will need it.
  5. notaniel

    notaniel LawnSite Member
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    I'll have to get some of that scrub wash stuff and see how well it works, and agrostis- are you saying to spray it on carefully or to pull out the vines and do what think green said?
  6. gcbailey

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    I've been ate up for going on two weeks now, technu usually works for me, but I had to get a steroid from the dr..... now it's been about 3 hours sleep at nights.
  7. kirk1701

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    DAM I feel for you guys I really do

    I don't even want to hear the word poison ivy/oak ever again after my experience.

    Think Green, sounds like a Hazmat suit
  8. gcbailey

    gcbailey LawnSite Silver Member
    from WV
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    I'm usually careful, pants, long sleeves, glasses, but I was up at a neighbors helping him trim behind his house (in shorts...) when before I realized it I had done cut up about 20' of it and had it all over my legs.
  9. Ric

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    Irrigation suppliers like JDLesco sells EMPTY glue cans and extra dabbers. They sell the Glue by the gallon. The dabber is also the air tight lid. I keep one with Garlon 4 and one with Glyphosate in them ready to go all the time. Just unscrew the lid make a wipe and close the can until next time.

    In Edit: Print labels off the Internet and put them on the cans to be completely Legal.

  10. agrostis

    agrostis LawnSite Silver Member
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    A glue can and dauber is a real good idea, you need to adopt that strategy as you treat individual poison ivy vine's. There is no spraying for this, you will kill that myrtle if you do. Treat those vine's where they come out of the ground. I wouldn't mess with the runner's but you might have to. Tecnu is the best over the counter thing there is for a PI rash, no contest.
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