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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by kc2006, May 19, 2005.

  1. kc2006

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    I had to go to a nice neighbor hood today to give an estimate for a very large clean up job.

    On the phone it was just mulch then i got there and was baffled by all the work that needs to be done. Heres a list of what THEY want (I suggest not doing some of this but they want it all). The beds look as though they haven't been touched in over 2 years.

    They want all the old mulch taken out of the beds, weeds sprayed, theres about 20 large sized bushes that need trimmed (ones I would normally charge $8 each for, they're about 3'x3'x3' or alittle bigger), theres 130 foot long hedge that needs trimmed, then they want the beds all edged, the one bed they want to carry out another 3' and the grass killed inside the area and riverbed stone put down (about 4-5 yards of riverbed stone would go there), then theres also 1 yard worth of riverbed stone that would go in certain areas in the beds, then they want a weed fabric barrier put down :angry: and i hate doing that, then they want 3-4" of mulch put down. To give you an idea of the side of the beds, its going to take 20 yards of mulch for the existing beds.

    I suggested not removing the mulch since since theres really not that much down and not putting the weed barrier down but they wanted that, the only good thing is they want all the old mulch put in a pile in the one section in their back yard so I wouldn't have to haul it all away. Finally they want a "bed" made in the very back corner of their yard where it floods all the time. They just want it edged, the grass killed and 4" of mulch put in the whole area, and thats another 2.5 yards of mulch for that area.

    Here's the situation though, I estimated it and it seems extremely high but at the same time I don't want to under bid it and then F myself, this is the first time I've ever done anything this big, besides the time I mulched 60 yards but there was hardly any prep work done, just put the mulch down.

    To just spray the weeds, edge, make the "bed", and put the stone down I estimated it at 16 hours with two guys. And then mulching would be 40 a yard installed. Labor rate is $30 per man hour so its 960 for labor and mulch would be 900 for 22.5 yards (1860 total) this isn't including price of the stone, or spray yet. But you add in the other work that they want and I figured that at 11 hours for removing all the old mulch and 5 hours putting the fabric down, so now labor is twice as it originally was. Total with supplies we're looking at $3090. This seems real high to me at first but I priced everything as close as I thought I could but always add alittle more just to play it safe since we normally just give them a ball park figure and tell them the hourly rate and say it might be more it might be less. But this way I can just give them the estimate sheet and its all there and they know exactly what the price is.

    Wish I would have gotten pictures, I know you all can't tell with out seeing it but what do you think given the amount of mulch thats going down, seem right or way out of line? I normally don't take jobs of this size but mowing is slow right now and we have the time to do it so why not. Thanks
  2. kc2006

    kc2006 LawnSite Silver Member
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    any suggestions at all? Going to give the price to them tomorrow.
  3. TurfProSTL

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    I did a quick estimate of $3250
  4. sheshovel

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    Hope you don't bid on a job you don't want to do and aren't sure how to do but I would have bid it at a nice round number like $3600.00
  5. kc2006

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    I know how to do it I'm not an idiot. He wouldn't sign the contract so I walked. I posted about it in another thread. Thanks for the help though. Oh and the total was $3450.
  6. SOMM

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    Considered the possibility of recontacting or follow-up mailing to the prospect, offering to keep the bed weed free for 2005 utilizing topical Snapshot, Preen, or Treflan granules on top the new mulch (glyphosate anything that pops up through the new mulch thereafter) if they just go for it without the fabric and old mulch haul-away ?

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