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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by johnmatt2004, Jul 7, 2005.

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    i used to treat for a big outfit, now i have started my own mowing gig. i really like the treatment aspect of lawncare and have had some of my customers that i mow for ask for lawn treatments. i dont have the equip i used before- i.e. large tank sprayers, nice lesco back back sprayers, a perma green, etc. and Im running on a real limited budget since i just got started this year would hardware store chems be ok to get started on my first couple rounds of treatment???

    for the first round i tried the lesco granular weed and feed. i spread it with a vigoro broadcast spreader i bought at a hardware store, and really i dont think it will be very effective. what would be the most effective and affordable way to treat lawns that vary from thin but not too weedy- to lawns that are 75% weeds???
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    Good luck. Your best beat even though you may not wat to here it is spend a little money go to Lesco or another supplyer and get good equipment and product. You will be a lot better off in the long run. You may even ask any local guy's in your area to see if they want to sell any used equipment.
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    If you can get yourself 30-40 customers the first year, you should be able to turn a profit even with purchasing a sprayer.
    Sheffiled finance is offering no interest for 90 days, 1st payment 120. Typically, in the spring, they'll do a program like no interest until Aug 1, 1st payment Sept.1.

    I wouldn't suggest buying a used sprayer unless you know the guy that owned it. There's no warrenty. And if they didn't take care of their equip. you could end up putting extra $$$ into it. A new pump is $500 (with $100-150 labor to put it in), new control unit is $200. New engine, $500-600.
    Plus, you don't know what they put into it. If they used a soil sterilant and didn't clean it out, you might fry a few lawns and have to replace them.
  4. TurfProSTL

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    A lot of people have started with just a backpack sprayer and a good spreader.

    You can always pick up a skid sprayer later, when you have enough accounts to warrant its purchase.....
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    I would start with a good spreader. Lesco's commercial spreader, even though it is like 339.00 is still a good buy. It's stainless steel frame and the ability to get parts means you'll throw out several of those 100$ hardware store spreaders before you wear out that lesco. If you stick with average sized lawns, especially those that have been maintained you can handle all your weed control with a back pack sprayer. They cost around 80$ and will take you 15 min or so to blanket app a full lawn. But for the most part you can get away with spot treatment. Liquid weed control is head and shoulders above weed and feeds anyday. If you toss in a couple of hand can sprayers for specialty treatments like Manage, Drive 75, Round up, etc. couple tip and pour bottles. You are still under 500$ for equipment!! Oh yeah you might throw a hand held blower on to clean fert off driveways and sidewalks. Where else could you start a business or open a new deptment for 750.00 buck worth of equipment.
    After a while if you want to take on more business and larger properties then I would look into a 200 gal. sprayer. That'll run about 3,000$. But I think youll find that for the most part on maintained lawns that 90% of your weed control will be spot treatments
  6. DLS1

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    Good answer. Just start with lawns that don't have much weeds so all you need is a backpack sprayer for spot spraying and a Lesco spreader. Lesco can give an outline of what to use for each application for your area.
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    And I just have to jump in here regarding the good advice you are being given.
    Lesco spreader and a good backpack sprayer. I just bought a Shindaiwa backpack sprayer and have to say it is an excellent piece of equipment. All of the fittings are on the top so if it ever leaks you arent wearing chemicals in your boxers, has a handle on the top which makes it easy to move around and it was 99 bucks at a dealer with no discount (new dealer for me). Pumps easy and the fan tip nozzle is very accurate. I give it five stars.

    Best of luck.

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