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Need some help


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I am new here. First, I want to say great site! Now, some info. I am 15, from Hutchinson, Kansas. I have been mowing about 5 lawns for a few years. I am wanting to expand (a lot) this year and need some tips. I also am going to be doing all the work myself after school. I currently have a 3303 Dixon and a Deere JX75. I also have all the other support equipment.

Now, what I am needing is which mower would you get to do about 10 jobs, and catching all the grass? I am wanting to replace the Dixon.

Also, what do I need to be legal in Kansas. I have read a couple posts here, and I know I need insurance. What will I need other than that?

Advertising. Right now, I am doing no advertising. I plan to pass out fliers and put an ad in the paper. Do you think this will be sufficient?

Anyway, I think you in advance for the help.


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I would say first, expand to 10 yards and see how double the business does.

By the time you get to this point, it's likely going to be March or April.

Far as insurance, I wouldn't worry about it too much but if you start to run into 15-20 accounts, you might consider getting your parents to get a business license for you and take things from there, thou it will likely be April, May, or June before this becomes an issue.

To be prepared just in case things take off faster than that, you might call around a few insurance places at this time and ask where you can get 'General Business Liability Insurance,' and this should help lead you the proper direction for this issue, thou I would do this bit mostly FYI for now.


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northwest ohio
very constructive:)

if your only doing 10 yards, do your really need new equipment?????

How big are the yards...


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Mooresville NC
topsites said:
Far as insurance, I wouldn't worry about it too much but if you start to run into 15-20 accounts, .
There was a thread a few week back about this, Saying NO to insurance was decided to be bad advice.

Talk to your parents and their insurance agent about the libillity that you are putting them into, and let them make the decision.
I will just copy this from another post I just did which answers your question pretty good

You can't do it all, so pick an area and decide what size of lot you will service.
Develop you target customer.
Make a list of the equipment you will need to service that customer.
Determine what equipment you have and what you need to buy.
Work all the numbers and see if it floats for you. If so get the stuff and a ream of paper, Make and pass out fliers. Tell everyone what you are doing. Use the 6 lawns you are doing now and build off those.( if they still fit your service plan). Put signs on your truck. Contact your plow customers and see if they need you. Network with everyone you know and everyone they know. Stand up in Church and yell "Hallelujah, I'm cutting grass", OK maybe that a little over the top but you get the picture. Self promotion.

Good luck

By the way how long of a season do you have up there? Factor that in when doing numbers.

Do a search on "COSTS--PRICING--OVERHEAD" to get an idea of what is involved in running this business.

Another question is why do you need to catch grass? Adds a lot of time, NO?


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Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.

Now, to answer some questions. I need the bigger, newer equipment because I will be working alone, but also working on my parents farm. Also, during much of the mowing season I will have to work after school. And about bagging the clippings. Well, I don't know. Everyone around here does it that way so I started doing it that way when I started. I might want to rethink that.

Well, now that the snow is melted, I better go mow up some leafs. Thanks.


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Actually, after thinking about it today, i have decided not to sell it, want to keep it for the large backyards that have TINY gates, and for the yards that are in bad shape, so i dont screw up the new one.