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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Southern Lawns, May 26, 2001.

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    I'll try and make this short.....About 50 days ago I Prepped a 1800 sq ft area for a customer and put down Centipede sod. I've done many jobs like this but this one is coming back to haunt me. Here's why! The sod was dormant when I put it down and it all looked the same to me but as it started growing and greening the customer noticed it is infested in certain areas with common bermuda. I went back two weeks ago and pulled up a few sections of the Bermuda and replaced it with Centipede. (My supplier is aware of the situation and gave me the sod to replace.) But! we did not get it all and it's becoming more evident. My thought was to spray the entire site with (Trimec 7) and kill all the Bermuda and let the Centipede take over. I think the customer is willing to go this route if it will do the job. My questions are: Have you used any other product that you would recommend? Have you had regrowth or has it killed the root successfully? Have you ever had to do this? I want to go the spray route for obvious reasons. The supplier is willing to give me as much sod as I need to fix the problem but I'm out the labor and I've already spent far too much time on it. Need some tried and proven advise. Thanks for your time! Raymond :confused:

    Oh! Did I mention that they live in the same neighborhood with good word of mouth skills. It's important for me to make it right for them the best way and be fair to myself.

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