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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grasscutter845, Nov 3, 2007.

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    Now that the leaves are starting to fall and i have a bagger for my wb, and have been bagging the small front yards, so it gets the leaves and what not and makes it look 10 times better. I was wondering if you guys charge more for the lawn or if you do it for the same price as not bagging it. Keep in mind these are small fronts but have many leaves. I dont bag the back. I was thinking the lawn is reg. 35.00 i was going to charge a 15 dollar bagging fee?? Is this far? Thanks for the help!
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    Well, most of my properties I don't charge extra. That is because I am trying to get away from charging per visit. So, when I give an estimate now, say $200 per month for one year, I take into consideration the amount of leaves that will be falling. I also keep in mind that from December-March there is not much to do in my area, so I will have it easy. I just try to average it all out to a price that is fair. I just do the more difficult work when necessary, and enjoy the winter. It all averages out for me. However, I do make sure the customer understands exactly what services will be performed for the monthly price and what will be extra.
    That being said, I still have customers that get charged per visit. Some get charged extra for leaves and some don't, for various reasons. Just make sure the customer knows up front if you will need to charge extra. If I have to haul the leaves off site I will be charging more.

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