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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by josh3338, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. josh3338

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    from So Cal
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    i am a solo op but recently had the chance to pickup a nice commercial property. i can rearrange my schedule to free a day to do this but need atleast another body to help with this. is there a way to get workers comp on a guy part time? i still will do other 4 days myself. anyone else have something like this happen?
  2. DaveinSWFL

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    I beleive you could contact a company like Labor Ready. They are a employment company (day labor), you should have something similar in your area. I know a few LCO'S down here that use them for their bigger projects.
  3. D & J Lawn Care

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    Iwas in the same boat I have a 91unit 6acre condo and solo I tried getting part time help just for that but part time help friend or not just don't work out so now i do it on mondays by myself and after a few times your time will shorten going on 3years with the account and can do it in 5hours and it's 3layers of shrub and flower beds on all 32 walkways . when i got help guys would be behind the buildings weedeating at a slow pace or missing spots it was to big for someone working a few hours a week and just not worth adding comp to me
  4. josh3338

    josh3338 LawnSite Member
    from So Cal
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    wow d & j you must kick butt!! I could probably do this by myself as its mainly grass, the shrubs are on an as needed basis and no beds its a retirement building and was told that the tenants like to keep beds clean and the plants and roses maintained. I really lucked out on this one.

    Dave thanks I never thought about using them!! Thanks again guys!!
  5. barefeetny

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    being a solo sometime i get myself into a tight spot with a big job

    what i do is hire another one of my freindly local solo lco to help me and 1099 his ass... my job! do what i need and don't be a pita

    I have worked for a few of them on bigger jobs as well

    it allow the solos to compete for a bigger job

    plus when working for others i have learned all about Irrigation, water features, lighting, and a host of other services i probably wouldn't have attempted myself

    he has his own insurance so this is legal, as can be and better then hiring some illigal or your brother in law off the books. plus throw a bone every once in a while ....sometimes you get a crapload of bones back.


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