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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mikey, Apr 6, 2002.

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    im a solo op. i have a potential customer who wanted an estimat
    so i went by and he wants everything mulch,edging,spring/fall clean up right?anyway he has a decent size yard front and back so i tell him for the leaves i'd have to charge him $225 right?he tells me that in the fall there are a ton of leaves ,,,so then he tells me my price is cheap?i usually charge $175, imagine that?so he tells me that he usually gets about 5 yds of black mulch(is there such kind?i told him he means bark mulch?)so i tell him $350 to install the mulch and about $200 for sping clean up so he basically
    tell me that to maintain my property for the yr excluding lawns cuts im lookin at roughly $1000 and i said ya roughly +/- 50-75
    then he also wants a lawn vut weekly and for that i said $40 per cut and he can pay me at the end of the month.but he says he has another guy coming with a bid to ...but he sounded very interested in what i was tellin him.if i can get 10 cuts a week on a rotation for $40 per cut from 10 differernt cust. im happy Do u think i bid good.bark mulch is about $33 per yd around here
    and i bid per yd at $70 which is cheap around here most lco
    charge for hemlock per yd $90.i dont think i was to high?what do u guys think?

    thank you,
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    Yes there is a such a thing as black dyed mulch.
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    your numbers sound very good, hard to say exactly without seeing. im guessing for the mulch he is probably wanting black dyed shredded hardwood?

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