Need some input as to what you think is going on with my shindaiwa 242's

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jbannick18, Feb 19, 2010.

  1. jbannick18

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    I have had a pair of Shindaiwa 242's for about 8 months now, which have been barely used when it comes to commercial use. It has given me a headache since the beggining and the mower shop I bought it from actually just closed.

    It will take 15 minutes for me even to get it to work if it wants to and usually it will rev up to max, sit for a couple seconds and rev down and bog out. I just drained the fuel, ran some seafoam through it, took out the screen to see if it was clogged and it continues to do this. I was thinking it was the carbuerator but after cleaning it out it just doesn't seem to help. Anyone have any other ideas? Thanks

  2. Merkava_4

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    The first thing I'd do is download the parts list for that model and then proceed to disassemble the carburetor. I'd clean it out thoroughly and replace all the gaskets and diaphragms. I call that the "carpet bombing affect." From my experience with small engines, whatever symptom they were having before always goes away after a thorough cleaning. Fuel contamination is the #1 cause of small engine problems.
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  3. rob7233

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    Are you using 89 octane gas and what are you using for mix and at what ratio? You might even have a fuel tank venting issue. What does the plug look like?
    Do you a fuel stabilizer on top of the mix? With ethanol use(alchohol) it's essential. The Marine version of Stabil would'nt be overkill(@ Lowe's). Lastly, you'll need to get a compression reading if you can't get it figured out.
  4. G. Ramey

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    I have used shindaiwa products for years with perfect reliability, except for my 242 I bought three years ago. It went back to the dealer under warranty twice and once since the warranty ran out. The dealer cleaned the carburetor the first time and said it was good. On the first yard after leaving the dealer it started giving trouble again. I took it back and they rebuilt the carburetor. It lasted a few months befor I had to buy a new carburetor for it. The good news is it made it through all of last year with no further problems.
  5. Scagguy

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    The one 242 that I have has been in the shop 4 times for carb related issues in less than a year. We run all Stihl except this one piece of worthless crap. I bought it because one of my guys prefers it over anything else and he's one of the best I've ever seen with a weedeater. I told him today that this was the last time it was going to the shop. Next time, I'll run over the POS with my truck and call it good.
  6. jbannick18

    jbannick18 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Well i've been having troubles since day 1, but never this bad. The dealer would adjust the adjustment on top of the throttle cable holder (wish I knew a better term!) but I don't have the tool to mess with that.

    The spark plug is decent, a little dirty but nothing serious. The fuel filter looks fine as well. I took out the spark arrestor today, I'm getting some smoke out of that, is that something to be a concern?

    I'm soaking it in a carbuertor cleaner overnight and will try it again tomorrow with it cleaned out. If that doesn't work I guess i'm going to try a brand new carb, after that.... it will be used as fire wood.

    It's under warranty but the dealer I bought it from closed and the closest dealer wants the original receipt which I can't find : /, and if its anything that got damaged from fuel they won't warranty it, only defects from the manufacture. Any more input is appreciated. Thanks everyone!
  7. jbannick18

    jbannick18 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Also, i didn't remove the pin and spring before soaking, should I be worried its not going to be a thorough cleaning with those still in place? I always found it a pita to put those back in

    MOHUSTLER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Sounds like it nees a new carb kit. Might have a bad gasket that is causing air to pull instead of fuel. Which will let it rev up till the fuel is gone then it pulls air and dies.
  9. Alan0354

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    Are they new? If not, take the muffler off to make sure no carbon blocking the exhaust first. cost you 2 minutes and no money.

    Two behaving the same, it is hard to believe both have the same problem.
  10. PROMOWER08

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    WOW to hear everyone say they have had problems with these machines sounds weird to me, I have had two for a few years with (Knock on wood) no major issues my dealer is very good about anything we bought from them.

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