need some input on a landscape design

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by yard_smart, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. yard_smart

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  2. Isobel

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    its nice if you're going for normal and meh, regular. personally there's too much symmetry, and not enough going on to really capture and draw my eye into the landscape.
    Also, the pedestal looks out of place. I wouldn't have put it in the corner, make it a centerpiece somewhere.
  3. White Gardens

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    I agree with ISOBEL, the pedestal needs to go.

    I like the shrubs personally, but you need to consider the size of the shrubs at maturity and make sure you don't have a mess in 5-10 years.

    One property in my town has a balanced mixture of blue spruces, golden spireas, and barberries. The owner let them all grow together and the color scheme is pretty neat. The only down-fall is that they need to be trimmed 3-5 times a year to keep it looking clean and even. You miss one trim and they start to look ragged.
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    To the right, I'm wondering if it's your program, but the free form doesn't seem smooth and broad. It looks tight and jagged in places. I'd also start it at the corner of the sidewalk since the left has a more formal line (from the geometry of the sidewalk) so just consider that when you transition to the informal free-flowing design that you are wanting.

    Just my 2 cents, which you are of course completely free to disagree with. I will say that I'm not a huge fan of 'amoeba' planting beds, pools, etc. I know they are popular, which may be the very reason I tend to shy away from them.
  5. ARGOS

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    I don't see room for perennials and annuals.

    I have worked off a lot of plans from L.A.'s and they usually have a spot or two for some diversity.

    What are the plant species? I can't tell from the layout.

    Lose the pagoda.
  6. h400exinfl

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    I'm not in love with the design. I like that you didn't use a huge variety of plants, but I think you should mass the species together, instead of having a boxwood, a juniper, then liriope, then another boxwood, put all the boxwood on one end and all the juniper on the other for balance and then tie them together with some liriope or other small color in the middle. I don't like that the focal point is right in front of the entrance way, bring your beds out across the sidewalk, and put the specimen far out from the house so the entrance can be seen clearly. Just me 2 cents. What program did you use? If it's realtime, send me the file and I'll make some adjustments for you to try. I'm sure other would do the same.
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    i use punch myself and it will let you flare that up aswell as clean it up to give you the results you want
  9. mrbray101

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    Try and use more masses of plants rather than individual plants. Not necessarily large hedge rows or anything but larger swaths of plants with varying height levels.
  10. yard_smart

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    just met with the HO made a few small changes but other than that she loved it . . . ABC Always Be Closing :D

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