Need Some Input On Used Scag vs New Bradley Mower

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Hiltzy, Apr 15, 2018 at 12:00 AM.

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    Hi Guys,
    First, let me say I've lurked out here & at plowsite for years. I almost always I find an answer to my questions...great knowledge base on this forum! This time, though,I have too specific a question, so I'm throwing it out here. I'm a detail guy, so my apologies if this post goes on and on. Cut to the bold type if you don't want to know my life story.

    I live on a 2.4 acre rugged lot with about 1.75 acres broken up into three equal chunks of mixed terrain to mow. I don't have beautiful grass, I just keep it green and's country living where I am.

    There's virtually no flat area to mow. It's a mostly a 10 degree slope with a couple of short (20'-50') but scary 20-25 degree runs that have a side slope, too, terminating with stone walls. Tons of kudzu/wild rose/blackberry surrounding pretty much everywhere else.

    Anyway, been mowing it for the last 15 years with a 1991 belt-driven Snapper Commercial 48" WB, 14hp Kohler. I maintain it myself, still runs and cuts well, but I'm getting a knee procedure soon and I don't want to be walk-mowing all summer, so I think I'm going to make this the year I buy a Stand-On. My budget is $5K or less.

    Seen a few nice ZTs in my price range, but I'm scared to buy a ZT with the hills and I don't have much garage space left for it.

    I put around 60-70 hours a season on my mower...maybe a little more if it's a rainy summer, but never came close to 100 hours in a season.

    Long story short: I was all set to buy a Bradley 52" Stand-On. The specs are good and the guys who run Bradleys seem to be really happy. It's $4500 delivered.

    BUT - Today my local Scag dealer called and told me he had just finalized a trade-in for a 2010 52" V-Ride with 1,703 hours, but in great shape. I think it's powered by a Kawi 26FX, maybe a 23FX, either way it's a Kawi air cooled power plant. $3,300 for this mower. Dealer tuned it up, changed fluids, blades, belts, and whatever else it needed. I went and looked at it, drove it around, and everything looks good with it. Drives good, runs great, no leaks that I could see, hydros look clean, deck's 100%. No rust or anything, just normal wear.

    SO - My gut tells me that 1,700 hours is right about where I would be starting to worry about big stuff going wrong...and it ain't cheap to replace the hydros or motor. BUT - My gut also tells me that I love Scags and they cut so nice.

    HOWEVER - My brain tells me that for $1,200 more, I can still be under budget and get a brand new machine with a 26hp B&S Vanguard and ZT3400 hydros and a 3 year warranty for P&L. I have a shop that'll work on it under warranty if necessary. Yes, it's an off-brand, but I have faith. The specs are solid.

    I'm stuck, Guys. Can you throw me some wisdom?

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    I would go with the new mower and if it does not work out upgrade in a couple years.
  3. Hiltzy

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    Thanks, Traveling Man. I appreciate the input!

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