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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by aaron86, May 21, 2011.

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    If your site is properly set up with: SEO/Content/Pics you can save TONS of $$$$...Now you have to simply direct traffic to your site and this can be done with very little COST: Get your business listed FREE/Social Media/BLOGS/Forums/Flyers, etc.

    All the sites I've built are INTUIT websites, but if the client isn't putting in @ least one hour a week on blogs, forums, or social media outlets...forget staying ranked! !

    Done Right Painting has been ranked since the first week of publishing and the owner is complaining to me that he is having a hard time "Scheduling" the calls & jobs he has. He is booked for work through the middle of September.

    Ring Lawn Care this is my main company and YES I'm still mowing lawns, ( love it ) Still #1 on GOOGLE in my area and many other areas we choose to provide service...
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    It looks like you need to start from scratch on the layout of your home page.

    You may want to hire someone.

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